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Heavy Spending Monday

January 3rd, 2006 at 04:03 pm

Spending for today:

Trip to vet for two cats: $199.50
B1G1 Free Kiva Juice smoothie: $4.00 I treated DH as he forgot his cash at home. He offered to buy it on the cc, but I said no way.
Lowe's - 600 ft. sisal rope for the scratching post on the cat tree: $30.87 (one or two rolls may be returned; will see how much project needs)

Blockbuster: $10.xx for three movies and 2.41 in late fees (DH's) Had a coupon for free rental in January.
Albertson's: $27.01 (saved $14.71 with sales and coupons) DH paid and was impressed with the amount of food we got for that price. This has motivated me to update my price book and to expand my entries, so I have more information to use when comparing prices. He likes to see how much we save and likes to know we are getting the most stuff for our money. He will compare prices, but if I have it in black and white in the book, its easier to keep him on track as well.

I know baselle mentioned this before, and there has been some discussion, but can anyone recommend a good price book program for the PC or pocket PC? I could put together a database, but if there is something already out there, it would save me the work. The data entry alone is going to be a killer.

So far, feeling very motivated about keeping financial things on track. I finally have the time to focus on the details.

Tomorrow I am getting a massage. I am soo looking forward to that. I have some other errands to run, but nothing critical so if I dont get to them its not a big deal. I am still on vacation, and stress from artificially imposed limitations is not allowed.

Tonight dinner is out of the freezer again. DH is having keilbasa, split pea soup and mixed veggies with terryaki (sp?) sauce - all his choice. I'm having leftovers from last night - shrimp and sweet potatoes. They both turned out fantastically well. Now is the time of year to be using the oven.

I think we are going to watch a movie after dinner.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Handy Shopper is what I use: http://www.freewarepalm.com/database/handyshopper-english.shtml

    With a lot of documentation: http://www.ggaub.com/hs/

    User group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/handyshopper/

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