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Resisting temptation

January 6th, 2006 at 06:20 pm

Today was a no spend day!! Been a while. Of course, I did not leave the house, which contributes greatly when resisting the urge to spend. I find that if I dress in very, very casual clothes in the morning I am less likely to leave the house and therefore more likely to avoid the tempation to just wander about and find myself in places to spend money.

I will probably need to go to Sams tomorrow and may (more than likely) stop at BigLots. They had Ghiradelli chocolate chips on sale for 1.99 a bag. We just eat them out of the bag and they are sooooo good. I will also need to return some videos at Blockbuster by then.

DH and I had our official Christmas dinner tonight, the big feast. Ham, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potato fries and cucumber salad. We didnt get to it on the 25th for reasons beyond our control. But it felt so good to sit down to a wonderful dinner tonight. I cleaned out the fridge for the stuffing - bread crusts, flax seeds and zucinni from the summer that I had sliced and frozen. Even threw in a couple of Asian pears that were about to turn the corner of no return. It turned out great. DH liked it and there was even enough left over to freeze. I'm eyeing up the ham next. I'll let DH snack on that for a couple of days and then will freeze what he doesnt get to right away. I'm already dreaming about ham and bean soup....mmmmm....

The better part of the day was spent preparing food and reading in between the buzzer going off and stirring the various pots. Did four loads of laundry, but used the dryer. Not set up to line dry. Ran a load in the dishwasher and we are finally taking down the Christmas lights. Very low-keyed day. I think we are watching a movie tonight and having our desert- apple pie and ice cream. I really like these days when things are quiet and focused on things we can do at home. It makes me yearn, yearn, yearn for the financial freedom to retire early and stay home. Not looking forward to going back to work on Monday....

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