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Maximizing on deals via the price book.

January 7th, 2006 at 10:25 pm

Spending today:
Lowe's: -6.17 returned rope from the cat tree project; bought one too many rolls.

We also went to Big Lots where we found Ghiradelli Chocolate chips for $1.99 a bag. And some Italian pasta for .54 a pound. We picked up three, hoping they will be good. I've never found Italian pasta to be bad. I should make up some spaghetti in the next couple of days and if its good, go back and stock up. That is a great price, but you never know how long the deals will be around.

Also ran into Sam's for two items. Ended up coming out with about half a dozen, but all things we will use. I did the math and the veggie lasagna is the cheapest frozen food item we splurge on at $2.00/lb. The only thing cheaper was Essensia frozen pizza, but neither of us really cared for it, so its not a repeat performance.

Overall, we didnt spend a lot on our outings, but I know for certain that we got great deals on the items that we did buy because I compared prices in the price book. I am sooo grooving on this thing. I see myself becoming a bit zealous in my enjoyment....I tell my friends about what I'm doing and either 1) they dont get it or 2) this is more likely, they are too lazy or dont care enough to set one up for where they live.

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation/freedom. Monday the cycle starts all over again. Friday is payday and that sort of motivates me to bite the bullet, go in, be a trooper; even though I know it will be one hectic day.
Tomorrow I'll start settling into the routine, do some laundry, read the paper, run some errands and make sure things are ready for the week ahead. Our fridge is full of amazing leftovers. I've been cooking again now that I have the time. That means there are lots of good things to bring in my lunch all week. That's one area of stress eliminated.

I was doing very well with brining my lunch from home last year, especially toward the end. I think this year it will also be pretty easy to maintain that habit. I love to see my pay stub every two weeks when it has no deductions from at work spending.

Too tire for more. Would like to start going to bed before midnight if I'm going to get up at 6:00 again. So looking forward to retirement and sleeping in as a way of life....................................

3 Responses to “Maximizing on deals via the price book.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm grooving for you...I've learned a lot of amazing things with mine.
    I learned that Costco is not always the best deal - sometimes they can be absolutely terrible! Canned tuna, for instance. Add in the cost of driving there and dodging the lookie-loos and the crowds around the samples, and you have a big time waster.
    I learned that some expensive stores sometimes have a fantastic deal. Today, for instance I found a *fantastic* deal on fresh pineapple in a grocery store that usually has elevated prices. And that Walgreens has a great deal on cup o'noodles. Who would have thunk?
    I learned that the price book really works well with the flyers.
    I learned that my memory is terrible. I form an opinion about the prices at a store and I don't see it objectively.
    I learned that stores manipulate unit pricing to an unbelievable degree.

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