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No spending Monday

January 9th, 2006 at 04:19 pm

I was half heartedly tempted to run some errands after work, but was feeling lazy. Instead, I am making a list and will run all of them this weekend. Since I get paid in Friday, I will be more likely to make my purchases with cash. So far the list is short - one return, a B1G1F at the vitamin store and some oatmeal at the food coop. I could probably order the oatmeal online and get it cheaper...will investigate. But overall, the focus is not on spending and acquiring; the few things I am considering purchasing have coupons associated with them.

DH went to purchase his shelves only to find that they were on sale - at 50% off!!! That's better than the three coupons I found for him at 40%. He was lucky he went when he did, because there were only three left. I'm glad that turned out. Now we can start moving more things around and decorating with items that were just sitting around collecting dust. Now they will tastefully collect dust and they will be called "decor."

The first day back at work reaffirmed that I work for crazy people. Absolutely drunk with their own self importance. But I am going to continue to do my best at the tasks assigned to me. I love the work. I'm eager to complete this phase of the project so I can move beyond this bunch and start working with other bunches (from what I've seen they are a bit more in touch with the mainstream.)
Funny thing, being at work did not make me yearn for retirement. Its only when I'm at home....

For dinner I think we are getting Quiznos subs. They had a B1G1f coupon in the paper. So now we have three of those. The rest of the evening will be about cleaning up, getting ready for tomorrow and starting some projects, like sewing pillow cases or taking in a shirt. Absolutely nothing resembling academic studies!!!

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