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Fantastic lunchtime deals

January 10th, 2006 at 06:03 pm

spending today:

Discount, discoutn store: $9.59 (20.29-10.70 store credit
Dollar tree $6.xx

Total: less than $16.00

At lunch I went with a friend to the very discounted store we seem to have luck at. I found two cotton sweat jackets in funky green and the other was pink. They were $6 each. I also found the most unsexy flannel night gown for $3. And then a thin fleece throw for another $3. You really have to dig at this place, but when you find, the prices are amazing. I seem to find more when I go with my friend. I think I take more time to look and we note things the other might like.

Then we went to the Dollar Tree and I found a handful of small housy things I'd been looking for.
I'm quite pleased with my treasures and the small amount that I spent.

My pay stub isnt available online yet Frown I wanted to start balancing the spreadsheet and writing bills out. Not too many bills this time, but I want to put down a large chunk on my Discover. It should be there tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is from the freezer. Bacon wrapped shrimp; which I made myself. We saw them at Sams on Sat and I was tempted to get them. They came out to .75/oz or $12 per pound!!! I was able to make them for .38/oz or 5.99 per pound. That is half the price. Such a deal.

They are in the oven now and starting to smell good. We are also having Waldorf salad. I didnt keep track of the prices or weights, so cant calculate the cost. I did run out of mayo though and just added extra white wine vinegar (organic, .99, from Big Lots) and went a little heavy on the sucanet. Its a little tart, but that's how we like it. So I saved on a trip to the store. I debated stopping on my way home from work, but was tired and just wanted to get home. Its on the list for the weekend and I think it might be a large purchase. The items we need arent on sale.

No other financial insights today.

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