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Payday and a reality check

January 11th, 2006 at 04:45 pm

Well, today isnt technically payday, but our electronic paystubs are available on-line. So I have sat down with The Spreadsheet and started figuring out where the bulk of it will go. I've budgeted for bills and those are covered. The remaining amount is allocated for the Discover card. My goal is to pay $990 on it this month. And if I am very, very good, I will be able to do that.

I am even more determined as my boss started mentioning money. I'm on soft money, so they may need to find another source to pay me from, which I completely trust him to do. He's a great boss that way. But it also put a little bee in my bonnet about how tentative this whole thing is. I've always been on soft money and they always find a way to pay me, but I would get a whole lot less stressed out if I knew I had a big, fat cushion to fall back on. Without freaking out over it, I need to keep that in perspective to motivate me during the coming year when the momentum lags.

Spending for today:
9.00 - lunch for a friend who's job is ending b/c she was on soft money
4.XX - lint brushes and a Coke at the Dollar Tree. DH paid.

Last night after dinner we went to the mall to get some walking in. Ran some errands while we were there:

-52.49 - returned the dust skirt at JCP
18.25 - Vitamin World - had a B1G1 free coupon. Made out great on one item; not so well on the other. I dont think I will be going back regularly unless they have some sale that is amazing. Prices were high, very high and with all the sales, it seems more like gambling than anything else. In other words, I dont want to have to work that hard to follow their sales and track their prices when I'm not sure about the quality of their products. This makes it difficult to purchase regularly used items there.
Also, I had checked the prices of their website to get a general idea of the range, and when I got there, they seemed to be considerably higher. But, they did give me a sample of some chewable Vitamin C that I really like. I'll do some comparison shopping and see what I find. I do still have two more B1G1 coupons which may tilt the scale in their favor....I'd like to keep a bottle in my desk at work. They are good for you and I like the way they taste - good to have on hand for snacking???

Tonight is leftovers as we have a fridge that is packed with good stuff. I also brought home some work to do and would like to get a start on that since I dont have to cook.

Tomorrow my friend and I are going to the cheap, cheap store. She thinks they may have a new shipment of clothing coming in. Its work a look. The clothes I bought yesterday all fit me and look goooooood, and $20 for four items is so reasonable that I'm willing to do the work of digging (oh, the sacrifice!!) just in case something else comes in.

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