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a generally quiet Sunday

January 15th, 2006 at 04:28 pm

flash - How does one join a coupon train? I googled it and found some info, but can you make any recommendations? What to avoid/what to look for sorts of things? Thanks in advance!!

Today was a pretty relaxing day. We got two Sunday papers delivered to us this morning. That means double coupons. Woo hooo!! I've been browsing through those and the sales. Tomorrow I am going to run errands.

I signed up at fatwallet.com on Friday, but havent received an e-mail confirming my status. I will have to register again. They have some sites listed that I would like to purchase from. I buy from them anyway. I might as well get the dinero back.

The only spending has been to a matinee to see Junebug at a local artsy theatre. It was $10 for admission for the both of us and, of course, we had to get treats. This is one of those very rare movie theatres that puts real butter on your popcorn - in the middle of the bag and again at the top. Heart attack in a paper sack. But oh soo gooood. DH got a piece of chocolate cake that looked really good as well. They show art films so we dont go all the time, though their line up is looking good for the next three or four films.
I really like the fact that they draw an "older" crowd who remembers what movie theatre ettiquite is. I actually saw one woman turning off her cell phone before the movie started!! How considerate.

After the movie we discoverd we had a flat on the rear passenger side. Fortunately we have a van with a tire pump in the back. DH pumped up all the tires. The flat had a screw sticking out. No idea where we picked that up. But here is the good part. On the drive home we discussed where to go to buy new tires. But the conversation took a turn when DH remembered that Sam's repairs tires for free! That may or may not be an option depending on what they can do and how bad the damage is, etc. I'm just thrilled that he 1-thought of it and 2- is willing to try out the no cost option rather than just throwing money at it. I see the tide a turning.

In another unrelated converstaion, I pressed him about how much we have been spending on entertainment and asked him if he noticed a difference with all the B1G1frees I've been finding rather than pay full price. He thought about it for a minute and then emphatically said that he had noticed a difference, a big one at that. I had to work it out of him, but it was a good sign nonetheless.

He is also well aware that I am tracking grocery spending. We usually spend about $300 a month. At least that is what I remember the last time I tracked it. So far we are at $95 for groceries for the month. I know we've spent more than that with dining out, but I havent been completely on top of tracking it. I'm going to try and go as low as we can and then compare it month to month; need to get a baseline that we can live with before really jumping into this one. The bottom line is this: DH knows of my efforts to spend less and is generally supportive. He likes hearing how much we have saved and how little we have spent. He is prone to suggesting expensive dinners out when stressed, so I have to plan ahead and not fall for those too often. Otherwise, I think he's pretty much on board. He will run errands with me, so I get to gloat about savings immediately. Its all about positive, consistent reinforcement.

We've just been lounging around otherwise. I'm still getting over this cold/flu thing. I've got no real ambition to do anything, but when one lies around, its very easy to see all the things that need to be done. Guaranteed recipe for crazy making.

Will probably watch TV or read. Dinner will be leftovers. Tomorrow is the day off. I'm going to run errands and get ready for the week ahead.

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