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Monday errands

January 16th, 2006 at 04:34 pm

Running around and spending for today:

$16 - lunch at our favorite Italian place. Both DH and I had leftovers that we will eat for dinner.
$35.22 - WalMart - saved $8 in coupons; got groceries and misc; stocked up Borax; got baby items for a friend who is having a baby this summer
$11.18 - Walgreens - saved $19.18 - among other things we found two pillar candles for 1.99/reg 7.99
$39.18 - Sams - minor miracle here to get out of the store and spend less than $100. Stuck to the list and rather than buy veggie lasagne, told DH I will make some and freeze extra pans full of it. He is game. There were lots of things that tempted me, but with a little time, they are things I could make for much, much less.

$101.58 is the grand total for today. I'm pleased with this. No other items needed this week. We did a lot of running around and got quite a lot of stuff and again, I am certain they were great deals due to the price book.

108.54 is the general total for food so far this month- both groceries and dining out; this is an estimate b/c I didnt start tracking right away at the beginning of the month.

When we went to Sam's we took the van to get the flat fixed and it was FREE!! They just plugged the leak where the screw had punctured the tire. So pleased DH thought of this.

I was looking over my Master Spreadsheet today and found a calculation error that was not in my favor. I am so bummed. My overall debt is higher than I have been lead to believe. Frown Its about $1K higher. With a heavy heart, its nose to the grindstone...

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