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Wednesday's savings

January 18th, 2006 at 06:29 pm

DH and I both had eye exams this evening. They were each $39 with the coupon in the Sunday paper. DH had been to this eye doc before and we knew he's reliable. We saved $30 between the two of us. This is great since I dont have vision insurance through my employer.

From there we went to Carl's Junior. Our eye appts ran late and I didnt feel like cooking or eating leftovers. There was a BOGO coupon for a taco salad in one of the flyers in today's mail. It was the first time we've ever been. We're sort of deciding just how its going to sit with us. Dont think it will be a repeat for us...we aren't that much into fast food and especially not burgers. It was only $4.27 for the experiment, so we arent upset about it. An inexpensive learning experience.

DH has suddenly been asking me all these questions about coupons. What is a coupon train? Where do I get all of the coupons I use from? etc., etc.,etc. I asked him if he was really getting into this. (I was getting excited that we might have a conversion in our midst!!) But he just said he liked learning how systems worked and how they can be improved. Oh well. At least he's got money saving on the brain...generally.

No spend day at work. Resisted the temptation of the vending machine.

I did start the morning out by stopping at the food coop. I got flax seed meal, oatmeal and string cheese for $13.85. I will bring oatmeal to work tomorrow for either lunch or a snack. I forgot to pick up one of the magazines they have on the counter, free for members. This month's issue has a $1.00 coupon for Swheatscoop. It was on my list, but I was sort of spacy and overlooked it.

I mailed off the shoes to Zappos. That will be a nice $55 credit once it goes through.

Doing laundry right now. Updating the price book. There are some major sales at Albertson's and I am sure of that. Because I've been updating entries, I can now play ALB off WalMart for the best dea. Oh, the rush from the power I possess!!! I'm going to use to get me some ice cream!! And I have coupons. I am dizzy with the possiblities!!! Better sign off know before I start dancing on the table!!! Drunk with joy I am...

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