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One more week till payday

June 22nd, 2005 at 10:09 pm

Spending today:

$32 - WalMart - general misc. and some groceries

I skipped my a.m. coffee today because when I get it everyday I become accustomed to the caffeine and just feel generally yucky all over. I'm going to give away my coffee cards to friends to lessent the temptation. Its a wait and see sort of thing. Just how long can I go with out it? I want to give it up all together, but some mornign when I am completely tired, I will probably break down again and give in.

To reinvigorate my motivation about saving/not spending, I reviewed my spreadsheet and reconciled numbers with cc companies. Sigh. I generally track what I spend and my numbers were off (in my favor) by nearly $90. That was a painful adjustment Frown It puts my overall debt over the limit that I was trying to stay under. But once I get paid next week and pay all bills, the overall debt will decrease by about $600. This will put me well below the current goal. Have to set another one.

I feel like I am finally, finally making some progress - at least something that is reflected in the numbers. This helps with the motivation for doing daily things like bringing lunch and making sure I have water when I go out the front door every morning. Overall, my spending is way, way down. But most importantly, I do not feel deprived in any way. I am focused more on how much I am paying down my debt.

I'm wearing my new shorts and they are very comfy. They were such a great deal!! I am definately going to keep my eyes open for more of those bargains.

Tonight DH and I had plans for a picnic at one of the local parks, but found out the event was actually last night. We took the night off anyway. Tomorrow we are going to see a movie and then will continue working on Friday and through the weekend. We are making progress. Still a million small things to do, but those are becoming fewer and fewer as we keep working.

Just waiting for the week to pass for payday. The numbers should be available on-line by Saturday. That is when I start writing out the checks, holding the on-line payments for the day the money hits my account. Then everything gets paid and the rush wears off and I watch the calandar for two more weeks. Yeah, it sounds pretty routine and even a little boring, but this is what it takes right now. It will all pay off - hopefully in about a year - and I will change my wicked ways to prevent it from happening again. I believe it wll be easier to stay out of debt. I have learnded that my time is more valuable than my job and I really want to get on with the business of living it.

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