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Nearly a no spend saturday

December 10th, 2005 at 07:31 pm

Today was a lazy, almost no spend day. We slept in and then just could not get moving. I puttered around the house, washed some dishes, made some chicken broth and wrapped a few gifts. Then I spent $8.XX to mail them out priority mail. I love the automated mail station we have our post office. You weigh the package and it prints out the label and you put it in the box. Its open at all hours, so when you want to mail out a package on the way to a Christmas party, you can do that. I just realized that the only options they give you are Priority mail or overnight - all the more expensive options. Hmmmmmm.

And that is just what we did this evening. We had a work thing to go to. It was okay. DH and I were the youngest people there and had no desire to do the social thing. But we sucked it up and went anyway. Found out that DH needs some more semi-dress pants. That is on the list of things to do tomorrow. JCP is having a sale and I have coupons. He will have to take a coupld of pairs in to the dry cleaners so they are ready the next time we have to go to one of these events.

Tomorrow will be a dayof errands to make up for all the things I did not do today. Just lots of little things like getting pumps for my shampoo bottles at the beauty supply store. I'm sure I wont spend a lot or at least that is the plan.

I havent mustererd up the passion needed to clean the house yet. Not sure when that will kick in.

I've already sat down and allocated funds for my next paycheck. These past two months have been expensive. I'm still able to pay everything and have money left over, but its going out much more quickly than I want it to. Gotta get motivated to get back on track. Frustration as this seems to be a never ending issue.


December 9th, 2005 at 05:19 pm

Minimal spending today.

$55 - massage to cope with all the stress that happens at the end of the semester
$1.92 - more cat fuzzies from Joanne Fabrics. Yes, I am stockpiling them. I am using some more 40-50% off coupons.

I turned in my final paper this morning. The prof was not in, so I slid it under the door. It took me all morning to get over the anxiety brought on by writing the thing in the first place.

Work was highly unproductive. I could not focus on anything, so did what I could.

Tonight dinner is out of the freezer. I am looking forward to having the time to cook again and manage our resources more frugally. I am setting a goal for myself to not waste anything that is in the fridge. Find a way to put leftovers into good use. This will be a challenge I can meet.

Tomorrow will be errands and cleaning the house. I am soooo looking forward to it.

Thursday musings

December 8th, 2005 at 04:07 pm

Today was a work at home day. I went in very early to take of some things I could not do remotely and then came right back home.

I didnt leave the house otherwise, so it was a no spend day. It was difficult to focus on work, so some household chores got done. I hang a wreath on our front door, did some dishes, got the bread machine going, cleaned out the fridge, etc. Those small sorts of things that can drive you crazy when they start piling up.

Tomorrow morning I hope to hand in my final project that is due this semester and then I am FREEE!!! I am looking forward to puttering around the house and getting it back into shape. This semester has been rough and I let the house work go far beyond my comfort zone.

Now that I will have more time I can cook again for DH and me. I've threatened that we are going to sit down after dinner and start the menu planning. We've been eating out a lot lately b/c I'm too busy adn too tired to cook after class in the evening. The freezer and cupboards are full of lots of good things for us to eat. Menu planning is in store for us tonight!

Tomorrow I have an appt that I did not budget for but badly need to go to. I get uncomfortable about spending when its not in the budget.

Thursday, one week from today, is payday. Looking forward to that. Not a lot of bills are due this pay period, so I will have more money to put on the cc's. Then I get paid again on the 22nd b/c my employer closes for the holidays. It is always nice to get two check nearly back to back but then its a long wait until the middle of January again. But as long as the bills are paid, I'm happy with it.

Off to do some writing...

checking in

December 6th, 2005 at 01:43 pm

Let's see...not much money stuff to report.

Since this weekend, I dont believe I've spent any money. Oh wait, I had to pay for some long distance calls I made at work - $.40. But it was nearly all the cash that I was carrying yesterday>

I've been way too busy to shop - even for the things we need around the house. I do have returns to make.

Last week I broke down and bought a new purse. I've been debating it for some time. But when I got it home and put all of my stuff in it, it didnt work out like I had hoped. So, I dug out an old favorite and found that I still really like it. It will work for a while unitl I find something after Christmas.

I also have a Lands End return to package and mail in. I ordered some pants and sweaters for work. Only one sweater looks very good. The rest was just too frumpy. I'll package it and send it off over the weekend.

Lots of sale flyers and catalogs are coming in these days. I look, but have been sticking to the things we need. Like cat litter - on sale at PetCo. Add that to the list of things to do, places to go. I also have three $1 coupons that expire at the end of the year, so I have clipped those to the list. Target used to sell the brand we use here, but they replaced it with their own brand. They had one of the best prices too.

A special order came in at the healthfood store - the overpriced epsom salt. I still cringe at that mistake. But I will get over it and start using it.

Its been very cold here in southern NM. The predictions are that it will be a very cold winter and utility costs will be going up. We've already shut off one of the back rooms that we dont use. I will be covering our windows with plastic when I am on vacation.

So looking forward to some time off over the holidays. And to be done with school!!!!

Very minor weekend spending

December 4th, 2005 at 04:17 pm

The best laid plans...

I planned to hit a sale at JPC this weekend and use the coupons they sent me in the mail. Instead, lounged around the house in front of the fireplace and finally began writing THE FINAL paper this morning. Draft is due tomorrow. Final version due on Wednesday. Its going well. I have most of the research done, now I just need to do analysis.

Spending was way down this weekend.
Friday: Joanne fabrics - $2.03?? for fuzzy little pom poms. They make THE best cat toys. I had a 40% off coupon.
Saturday - $1.75ish for the same thing. I had a 50% off coupon.

I went back twice to get a second pack for a gift. Some friends also have cats and I'm going to send them a package of fuzzies for the new year.

Will probably go back two more times as I have two more coupons and I can walk there from work during my lunchhour. Its a good way to get exercise and run some errands.

Otherwise, DH and I ventured out for food yesterday. He bought. I had a coupon for a dollar off the smoothies he really likes No coupons this time around. I felt a littleguilty. Tonight we are going to the Harry Potter movie, also his treat. But we are eating leftovers, so no spending on food.

Minimal spending this weekend. I really want to sit down and commune with the master spreadsheet and update my goals. With classes ending, I've just been too busy. My desk is getting messy with reciepts and bills and misc paper about things I want to research. In due time, I guess.

stress makes me grumbly

December 1st, 2005 at 09:40 am

To much stress and not enough sleep can really give a person an ugly disposition.

Spending for the day is already 23.16 from the health food store. It was mandatory that I pick up something herbal to calm my nerves. Two papers to write, one for this evening; the other for Monday night, but due on the 8th. I'm feeling better, in my own head at least. This is why I am not taking classes next semester. I cant do this anymore.

I'm working from home today. Though I couldnt do this on a regular basis, I do get more done from home. With a cup of tea and a hot bowl of oat meal in my tummy, I'm ready to get started. I take more frequent, but shorter breaks and just am more productive overall.

I have to go into campus this evening for class. If any work emergencies appear between now and then, I will take care of those as well. I think things will be quiet.

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