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stress makes me grumbly

December 1st, 2005 at 09:40 am

To much stress and not enough sleep can really give a person an ugly disposition.

Spending for the day is already 23.16 from the health food store. It was mandatory that I pick up something herbal to calm my nerves. Two papers to write, one for this evening; the other for Monday night, but due on the 8th. I'm feeling better, in my own head at least. This is why I am not taking classes next semester. I cant do this anymore.

I'm working from home today. Though I couldnt do this on a regular basis, I do get more done from home. With a cup of tea and a hot bowl of oat meal in my tummy, I'm ready to get started. I take more frequent, but shorter breaks and just am more productive overall.

I have to go into campus this evening for class. If any work emergencies appear between now and then, I will take care of those as well. I think things will be quiet.

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