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One day later...

July 27th, 2005 at 07:45 pm

...and how things they have changed. I got the numbers on how much money will be in my check on Friday. I've started writing out checks for the bills and allocating to the mbna. Of course, it doenst help that I did some shopping on-line and increased the balance on the mbna. Overall cc spending is WAY down, but I would like to freeze it at zero. I'm getting closer, so I console myself with that.

We are waiting on one more bill to come in - the electric bill - which will probably be high. So I'm holding off on paying the cc bills. Once the electric bill comes in, all the rest is going to cc's.

I'm really feeling good about my money situation lately. Slowly, but surely it is improving.

My job is also improving. I'm making connections with other people in the department and see good things coming from it. The previous issue is still lingering, but not as in my face as I had previously thought. It hasnt resolved, but I can deal. Overall, the funny thing is that right now I'm doing less work than I've ever done in my life and am looking at advancement within the year. Go figure. Its totally against my work ethic. But I'm going to be a realistic and accept that they are paying me. It's a very confused situation. I've been looking for other opportunities from time to time but very few things are open

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