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I love a good deal

July 30th, 2005 at 07:08 pm

Today's deal is clothing related. I bought myself a new swimming suit - actually two of them today. The whole swimming suit search is something i despise for a variety of reasion. 1-body issues and 2- the cash outlay for something I will wear less than five times in the course of the year.

I've been lookind since May when we went on vacation. I have to confess that on our vacation I took a suit that my mother was going to give to Good Will. Yes, it had reached that point.

So, I've been browsing all the catalogs that land in our mailbox, but when I find something I like, it seems to have a $100 price tag attached. I knew there had to be a better way.

I continued the search until now, the end of the season. I got an e-mail from JCP that they were having an end of season sale. Normally most of their stuff doesnt fit me right, but I though I would look. Before this I'd been searching the Lands End site. Expensive!!! I searched on the JCP site for a while, but then realized I had no idea how the suits fit. And since I've lost about 25 pounds in the last year, I had no idea what size I would need. I convinced DH to run to the mall with me, which he seemed glad to do.

The end result was to tankini bottoms for 28.87 with a savings of 36.02. When we got home, I ordered the tops on-line for 54.53, though I didnt calculate the savings. That is two suits for $83.40 including the shipping for the on-line order. Considering that is the cost of one suit in most places, I am thrilled. Now I will no longer need to worry about being comfortable and presentable when I go out in the water.

The expereince has taught me that just like any other situation, if you know what you really want and do the leg work, you can still get what you like and not pay as much as the asking price.

Now, to keep up with the diet so they look even better by the time I go into the pool...

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