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Sunday blahs

July 31st, 2005 at 09:09 pm

I just lost my post. Went to look up order status in another e-mail which needed a browser and ny entry got wiped out. Probably a good thing. I was complaining about being in debt and needing to go to work again tomorrow. Didnt I just go there last week? Cant that be enough for a while? I really do have other areas of my life that could use a bit more time....

For the weekend, I spent on clothing...about $130 total. There were the swimming suits and then today I bought some T's in lovely colors that can probably pass on casual Friday with some jeans and cool shoes. No other spending, which is a pleasant surprise. I have some returns to make, so that will work out to my advantage as far as money goes.

DH and I went on a very cheap date on Saturday. We went for smoothies, BOGO (buy one get one) free. Then we went to sonic for salads, also bogo free. The total spent for both places was less than $9. I could not tell him often enough how happy I am that he is willing to use coupons. He pointed out that while we will not go out of his way to find or organize them, he is willing to use them. That's fine by me b/c I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and sometimes trying out new things that we normally might not do. He is at the point where he checks to see what coupons we have before renting a movie or suggesting where to go for dinner or carry out.

I'm trying to quit or significantly reduce my sugar intake. I've been a beast all weekend. Last week at work I drank coffee every day - double espresso, thank you very much. I'm probably going through caffeine withdrawl. Also, I've been drinking lots of sugary, fizzy things this summer in an effort to stay cool too. Even though I glean the discount stores for 100% juice/natural items, its still all sugar. So I've switched to sun teas, regular and herbal, and am using Stevia to sweeten them. My body isnt sure what to do just yet. My favorite so far is blueberry and spearmint. Fruity but refreshing. The transition has come at a cost. I am ready to climb the walls!! I'm edgy and unbearable. This too shall pass. And I'm going to try very hard to pass up the coffee tomorrow. This is crazy. Has not made for a pleasant weekend.....grrrrrr

The week ahead should be interesting. There are lots of outdoor events going on around town - movies and ground breaking ceremonies. I put several on the calendar and DH is excited about going. Not sure how it will go with the heat and possible crowds, but we are willing to give it a try.

Money for the week looks okay. The bills are paid and I've got some cash on hand for misc purchases. I still have some things to return so that will be to my advantage. No major purchases planned. I have a couple of items coming in the mail that I am keeping an eye on, but just more of the same.

I think I am feeling restless...the amount of energy spent on work doesnt seem to result in an equal return. The work I have been putting into paying off the debt is not yielding the desired results quickly enough. Overall things are looking much, much better than when I started in Dec/Jan; I dont want that to get lost in the shuffle. I'm just tired of it right now. Maybe its actually a very good thing. Incorporating money saving ways has become routine because I use them whenever I can. They've become a bit boring. Another thing that is different - I do not feel the urge to go shopping recreationally to alleviate this boredom. I shop when I need something, but not to just browse. Takes too much time and I'm not willing to part with my cash for things that will need to be maintained and moved around, aka clutter.

Not completely sure how to view this. I'm sure some of it is wonderful...but I'm still really bored with it. Could also be a sugar junky craving a fix that is doing the talking...not much energy to do anything drastic at the moment (like splurge shopping) so I think we will be okay. Probably just need some sleep.....

1 Responses to “Sunday blahs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I could echo everything you just wrote... glad I'm doing it, but bored with it! It takes so much energy sometimes and I just want it to be easy (i.e. all the debt be gone already, have a huge stash of cash in savings). *sigh*

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