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I think I got a promotion today

September 28th, 2005 at 06:43 pm

Around 4:00 today my boss ambled into my office and with a big smile, told me there had been a re-org and I will be taking on substantially more responsiblities than I currently have!!! Its been something that's been in the works for several months now and I sort of knew about it. But I wasnt counting on anything. People were already starting to ask me questions about the details of these new responsibilities, but I kept telling them that nothing was official yet.

But today it did become official. It took about half an hour for it to really sink in. Then I went into my boss' office and thanked him. I know he supported me and said some very good things about me for this to happen.

I'm speechless. This has been in the system for several months and initially it looked like it wasnt going to happen. But I like the work I do so much that I could continue on in this position for as long as we needed.

I have a feeling there will be a raise somewhere with this. I've heard mention of this as well. I'm not sure how to approach this yet, but will work on that.

So, the wise part of me knows that I could/should put all new money into savings, but the consumer voice won out. One thing I would really like to do is get a professional wardrobe again. I've been looking, but havent purchased. Since I lost weight, I've purchased casual things that I can get away with for work. Then I dress up when I have meetings. But I think spontaneous meetings will become more and more the norm, so I prefer to be prepared.

What I really want to do is re-invent my image. I've lost weight and recently cut my hair shorter than its been in a while. I have a tendancy to go too classic when I purchase clothes, almost to the point of frumpy. I would like to get a little more hip, but definately not trendy. I also need to find summer clothes that are relatively dressy. T-shirts and jeans just dont do it.

I think I might do the European thing and buy a few very nice pieces that cost more than have a whole lot of stuff that looks mediocre. We'll see what happens. I'm already spending money I dont haveWink

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