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Sunday and getting ready for the week

October 30th, 2005 at 08:53 pm

Today was a laid back sort of day. I finally sat down to do my homework at 2:00ish and was done by 4:00 or so. It wasnt that bad once I got started. I need to make a small presentation tomorrow and I think it will go okay. I've prepared my materials on this end, but I really dont like speaking in front of people.

Did one more load of laundry so I would have the clothes I wanted to wear tomorrow. The dishwasher is running now. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched "Sunset Boulevard" - an oldie, but goodie. Then we lounged around on the couch for a while. I felt like I was on vacation with time to burn. I havent felt this relaxed in ages. Today DH and I talked about Christmas vacation. I get time off from X-mas to New Year's. I'm going to take another week before the holidays so I can just do a whole lot of nothing. That is the plan, but in reality, I am sure we will be working on the house. Last year we did a Sopranos marathon and used up entire days in front of the TV. We dont watch a lot of TV and it was a nice change of pace. This year we should be finishing the entertainment room and we can finally move the extra chairs out of the living room.

My lunch is packed, water poured into bottles and tea brewed for tomorrow. I always make sure I pack extra on Mondays because I have an especially long day on Mondays.

I went to the Health food coop today determined to buy the olive oil that I love. Its got a great flavor and is excellent for dipping bread. When I got there, I found out it was on sale!! I bought the last two bottles on the shelf. I also got some turkey for the cats and some face anti wrinkle stuff for me. Then I went to KMart for Halloween candy. They had some stuff on sale. Overall, I spent over $80!! I think this is going to be a no spend week. The money has been going out the door way to fast lately.

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