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Thoughts on travel and stress in the new year

November 27th, 2005 at 07:58 pm

Today was a no spend day. I didnt go anywhere either. DH and I slept in late to recover from travelling and once I finally got moving, I put on the comfiest sweats I own and did hausfrau stuff.

I made fresh taboule, dolma (stuffed grape leaves), and fried eggplant from our CSA. We went shopping at a Persian marketwhile on vacation and I was eager to use the treasures I had found. Plus, we ate very rich Persian food during the entire time we were away. I was in the mood for something light. And its all healthy...except for the eggplant perhaps. Though, I did use only grapeseed and olive oil and I baked it in the oven.

Did some laundry last night, but nothing strenuous.

The numbers for my Wed paycheck were on-line tonight, so I sat down with the spreadsheet and checkbook and paid all the bills but two for this payperiod. Those are the phone bill which we have not yet recieved and a chiropractic appt. which is on Friday. Electric and gas/water were both way down. We just recently turned the furnace on so the next month's should be low as well. I bit the bullet and made considerable payments on the cc's. I've really let that slide and now the numbers are reflecting the lack of attention. However, if I am careful, I believe I can get them back to where I started.

I went through the Sunday paper and made lists of errnads to be run sometime this week - at lunch if I'm in the mood or after work. Penney's is having a sale on Bali bras - buy two, get two free. This is when I stock up on those. And I pay my JCP card in full every month.

There is something about going on vacation and hauling all of your possessions that makes me reassess(sp?) my attitude toward stuff. I was so content today to just putter about with the things we already have. I'm sure I would feel that way if I could lounge like that more often.

One of my goals is to keep track of the personal products I use throughout the year. This seems a little anal, but there is a money saving logic behind it. My skin changes from hyper oily to moderately dry during the course of the year. Products used in summer do not work during the winter and vice versa. So I have to change shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, moisturizers, etc to prevent a scaley complexion or major break outs. When I find a product I like, I usually forget it by the next year when I need it again. Compunding the issue, I have sensitive skin. Trial by error can be very expensive and actually painful. So, I've made up another spreadsheet listing the product, the size and the cheapest place to purchase it. This is helpful because I do a considerable amount of shopping on-line. It saves from having to search all over again and compare prices.

I did this during the car trip cross country while hauling one's stuff was fresh on my mind. This list also doubles as my packing list so I will be sure to bring the right products for the right time of year or climate. And it makes packing a no brainer - and hopefully my luggage will be lighter as well. Because the mad dash out the door is plenty stressful enough. I like traveling, but I'm ready for it to be easier than it has been lately.

The new year for me is going to be about dealing with the stress in my life and focusing on my health. I'm not taking any classes. I'm so ecstatic that I'm having a hard time focusing on the final projects that are due these next two weeks. But the big thing that I've started doing again is taking hot bathes right before going to bed. I load them up with epsom salt (which I am researching to purchast in bulk), light some candles and soak away the stress. This has already helped considerably and I believe will help me to sleep better which in turn will help with coping during the course of the day. Its also relatively inexpensive. Its also difficult to shop when you are soaking...even on-line. I think I really like this.

The other thing am going to become more involved in is reading. I really miss reading non-academic books just for the fun of it. I will probably go to the library more again and see what they may have. We also have a very good used bookstore in town that just expanded. I have a large credit with them and havent been finding much that interests me lately. I'm thinking about cashing it all in and buying as many childrens books as they have and then donating them to an organization that does work in Mexico. I've toyed with this a lot lately, but havent had the time to follow through. That will be good to get off my list.

I think for now I am going to keep lists for a while and mull over the possibilites. And pursue them when the time is right....sounds profound.

1 Responses to “Thoughts on travel and stress in the new year”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can relate - aren't epsom salts wonderful? Not to sound like a crazy, but they're good for cleansing your energy body as well and physical. We pick up a lot of "stuff" from other people and sometimes that can contribute to the stresses of everyday life. Try yoga if you haven't already - good for your mind/body/spirit.
    For books - I started increasing my reading lists by taking recommendations from online journals, using my library to reserve copies of new books I saw in B & N that looked interesting and my library itself has several "lists" on its web site for bestsellers, most popular check-outs, etc. I just finished Freakonomics and enjoyed it very much.
    Good luck!

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