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Very minor weekend spending

December 4th, 2005 at 04:17 pm

The best laid plans...

I planned to hit a sale at JPC this weekend and use the coupons they sent me in the mail. Instead, lounged around the house in front of the fireplace and finally began writing THE FINAL paper this morning. Draft is due tomorrow. Final version due on Wednesday. Its going well. I have most of the research done, now I just need to do analysis.

Spending was way down this weekend.
Friday: Joanne fabrics - $2.03?? for fuzzy little pom poms. They make THE best cat toys. I had a 40% off coupon.
Saturday - $1.75ish for the same thing. I had a 50% off coupon.

I went back twice to get a second pack for a gift. Some friends also have cats and I'm going to send them a package of fuzzies for the new year.

Will probably go back two more times as I have two more coupons and I can walk there from work during my lunchhour. Its a good way to get exercise and run some errands.

Otherwise, DH and I ventured out for food yesterday. He bought. I had a coupon for a dollar off the smoothies he really likes No coupons this time around. I felt a littleguilty. Tonight we are going to the Harry Potter movie, also his treat. But we are eating leftovers, so no spending on food.

Minimal spending this weekend. I really want to sit down and commune with the master spreadsheet and update my goals. With classes ending, I've just been too busy. My desk is getting messy with reciepts and bills and misc paper about things I want to research. In due time, I guess.

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