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Thursday musings

December 8th, 2005 at 04:07 pm

Today was a work at home day. I went in very early to take of some things I could not do remotely and then came right back home.

I didnt leave the house otherwise, so it was a no spend day. It was difficult to focus on work, so some household chores got done. I hang a wreath on our front door, did some dishes, got the bread machine going, cleaned out the fridge, etc. Those small sorts of things that can drive you crazy when they start piling up.

Tomorrow morning I hope to hand in my final project that is due this semester and then I am FREEE!!! I am looking forward to puttering around the house and getting it back into shape. This semester has been rough and I let the house work go far beyond my comfort zone.

Now that I will have more time I can cook again for DH and me. I've threatened that we are going to sit down after dinner and start the menu planning. We've been eating out a lot lately b/c I'm too busy adn too tired to cook after class in the evening. The freezer and cupboards are full of lots of good things for us to eat. Menu planning is in store for us tonight!

Tomorrow I have an appt that I did not budget for but badly need to go to. I get uncomfortable about spending when its not in the budget.

Thursday, one week from today, is payday. Looking forward to that. Not a lot of bills are due this pay period, so I will have more money to put on the cc's. Then I get paid again on the 22nd b/c my employer closes for the holidays. It is always nice to get two check nearly back to back but then its a long wait until the middle of January again. But as long as the bills are paid, I'm happy with it.

Off to do some writing...

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