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Frugal things for Friday

January 20th, 2006 at 06:09 pm

the things I did today that were frugal are:

-found chicken breasts on sale for 1.99/lb; this was from a conversation with a friend about how I was really biting the bullet this year. She saw the sale in the paper and passed it on. Also picked up their sale flyer to see what else is on sale.

-found a good dry catfood that the cats loves. This will save on the raw diet they are currently on.

-made three small pans of lasagne for dinner tonight. One is in the oven. The other two are in the freezer. Ran out of proper lasagne noodles, so ended up using the wide pasta noodles found at Big Lots for .59.

-found the ham bone from Christmas dinner and am going to make soup in the crock pot tomorrow. I am thawing out pre-cooked beans (made three pounds in crock pot, divided up and froze for later use.) and zuccini that someone gave us this summer from their garden. This will then go into the ziploc containers I just got at Walmart w/ a coupon last night.

-planned the menu for the weekend around what is in the fridge and cooking large batches in the crock pot for freezing. These are the sort of things I like to do on the weekend when I am home. Saves time during the week when I can just pull something out of the freezer. Really trying to cut down on going out and convenience food. We do it often enough to bug me. If I have an at home Plan B, I will take it. This is one of the ways I am taking measures to counter taking the easy way out when things get stressful.

-brought my lunch and chatted with a friend. Also got a bit of a walk in the fresh air too.

Not frugal things:
- boought two liters of water at work. Forgot to bring it from home.

-visited the vending machine as a means of coping with stress at work. Spent a $1. In most of the candy bars they are only carrying the super size for $1 rather than the regular size for .60. The fattening of America.

Tonight I'm doing laundry. The cat went on the bed - again. He's not sick. I think its a social thing. Also washing cat beds and misc. rugs and things that havent been through the wash in a while.

I have to work this weekend, but it will be from home and could very well be in my pj's if I'm not feeling motivated. Sunday will check out the sales and see if there is anything we need. Maybe do some cleaning....?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    We've done the same thing at our house, regarding planning out easy meals for the more stressful days. I too have meals that are frozen and make use of our crockpot a few times during the week. Now eating out is a treat that is planned on, rather than a response to a stressful day. Plus there are both budget and health benefits!

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