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Cooler heads prevail...

June 9th, 2005 at 11:42 am

Spending so far: $4.04 for the morning coffee. Much needed and I enjoyed all of it.
May need a Coke this afternoon. Will try to be strong and holdout.

Work - I've come to a conclusion on how to handle this. I recently learned that "the pretty" is going to get her job after all and will be doing half of my work!! But I will still be getting the same salary. Who's the fool? (Actually its the half of my job that I dont really care for Smile) I'm actually able to laugh out loud at this one now!!!

Also, the people installing the pretty have no control over my salary!!! Spoke to the boss and I have nothing to worry about. I will still have a job, doing half the work I thought I would be doing, at the same salary; possibly with a raise on the horizon. (Laughing hard enough to fall out of my chair now.) Granted I will not make as much as the pretty, but I wont have nearly as much stress, nor as many hoops to jump through. Just need to tap dance from time to time when I meet with the clutch of lizzards.

I'm going back to my original plan of keeping a low profile and going about my business, making my money while continuing to do my job well and collecting my paycheck. Outside of this place, I will get on with my life and continue to plump up the FOO fund. What is the saying..."Living well is the best revenge." This lot isnt worth plotting anything against. Its a waste of my life to try and impact theirs. They are all so enamored of one another that logic (other than their own) only angers them.

This is my spin. I have a job in which I very much enjoy the work I do. This is what I want to be when I grow up. Its what I've gone to school for and its something which comes naturally to me.

In a rather indirect, round about way, my prayers are being answered. I make okay money and in reality have a generally easy job. I have a lovely office with a good boss. Its not what I dream of when I let my imagination run wild, but it gets me where I need to go. Once I put my ego aside and calm down, that is easy to see. The wiser part of me sees that this job is such a small part of who I am. Its taken me many years to reach this point and it still sucks to come in most of the time, but I've reached a peace with it. I am really okay with this conclusion. I actually feel a sense of joy and find myself smiling for no particular reason. I feel like I've been freed from a tremendously heavy burden.

On my reading list - "You dont have to be rich" - the author examines the psychology people have about their money (poorly constructed, but conveys the meaning) and how we get sucked into thinking more is better and how the fluctuations of the market and the economy can really jerk our chains if we let it. This is all from the intro, but it looks promising. Another stunning selection from the 332.024 Cha section of your public library.

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