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productive day so far

June 12th, 2005 at 12:37 pm

The day is only half way through, but so far its been productive. Wed is payday, so I'm allocating funds and aniticipating things I will need until the end of the month so I can pay in cash rather than by card. So far, the list is short Smile That is always good.

Yesterday I discovered that one of the products I had been looking for (tinted moisturizer with high SPF) could be made with products that I already have. Just added some shimmery powder to Neutrogena Dry Touch moisturizer and viola - a healthy glow with protection from the sun! I love it when those things work out. Even better, I bought the powder at Big Lots for a dollar or two and the sunblock was on sale at Walgreens. I'm set for the summer.

The other area of focus is menu planning for the week ahead. I have a list for the grocery store, but have been putting off going. Rather, I'm trying to make due with what we have on hand. So far, its been pretty easy to do this. If I do go to the grocery store, it will be for supplemental items, not the main course.

Speaking of which, I've really cut back on how much and how often I'm cooking these days. DH seems happy so far. If he gets hungry, he snacks on dried fruit or Pria bars - healthy stuff rather than having a huge meal and snacking out of boredom. This should be good for us both for our health, but also financially.

Still in my pj's. Need to get moving, get the paper, scout the sales and run some errands. I hope there arent too many. I'm feeling sort of lazy and we are in the middle of geting the back bedroom tiled and finished so we can move everything back in there. I'm getting a little tired of a futon in the living room. The cats love it, but I feel like I live at the circus sometimes.

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