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June 13th, 2005 at 03:25 pm

Yesterday was a no spend day and it appears that today will be too. i've spent the better part of the day fighting the urge to get a soda. The thing that stopped me is no cash for the vending machine. I didnt want to borrow any money, so I became more determined to resist the urge. Thankfully, I left a water bottle in the fridge last week, so I had wonderfully cold water instead.

The rest of my energy has gone to fighting allergies. Found some homeopathy and it really makes a difference for me. I've been carrying it in my bag for a couple of weeks now. Just thought of it today.

Tonight dinner is going to be leftovers to clean out the fridge. There are a couple of good things to salvage.

I packed my lunch for today and met a friend. We sat outside and it was lovely. Will make sure I pack one again tonight and bring a book. I'll try to go to the park and get some reading in. My friend will be busy with errands during lunch.

Wednesday is payday. I've figured out what will go where. Now I just need to wait until the money hits my account so I can start the mass exodus of payments.

Overall, a very quiet day...I am glad for that.

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