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seeking balance

June 21st, 2005 at 12:41 pm

The weekend was a whirlwind. Some spending, but only on-sale items that I Know I will need. I'm at the point in my conversion where I wont even consider a purchase unless the item is on sale or from a discount store (deeply discounted store) - even if I have a coupon. It still needs to be on sale. As a result, now when I shop and pick up a whole lot of items (clothes especially) the total at the register is always way less than I expected. That's always a welcome surprise, but this makes it more tempting to buy more. The "go ahead, get two, its on sale" trap...

Again, seeking balance... I havent been practicing consumerism as a pastime lately and have been quite content. When I do shop, I stick to the list and cant get out of the store fast enough once those items are in the cart. It takes too much of my time and I've got so much else going on right now.

Today I went out on errands at lunch with a friend. It felt like I was just putting my toes out to test the water, but go drenched by a tidal wave instead.

An outlet store near our house has upgraded and now carries clothes that I can wear and the prices are just amazing, so the temptation is there. I feel like a flood is hitting again. This morning a friend gave me a stack of fashion mags. (we trade, so I will be giving her the ones I get until the subscription expires.) so there is all this stuff coming in, and though I've been very careful to purchase things that are relavent(sp?) and needed, it still seems like I have to find somewhere to put all of it. I guess its compounded by the fact that we live in a house that is not put together, so finding a place for new items is rather dicey. And its all going to get moved around again anyway....blah, blah, blah.

I guess I'm just feeling the tempation to purchase. Probably from recent stress, but also from the gradual improvement in my finances. I've worked really hard and am beginning to see some results, so the pressure is off. I guess I'm slacking off. Really need to get back on track. I think I've justified it in my mind - spending can increase a bit because I'm being so frugal in the other areas of my life - packing lunch, no trips to vending machines, cooking dinner everynight, only buying groceries for simple meals, etc.

I always seem to get the weakest between paydays...will have to update and review the spreadsheet as a reminder that hope is still on the horizon....especially before going overboard...sigh. It always seems to come back to this.....

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