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The weekend if flying by

July 24th, 2005 at 11:28 am

Part of it is because I am working at my second job, putting in hours there. Its tedious, but the money will be good to see when it comes in. I am now more determined to pay off the mbna. I am on schedule, but not always a very patient person when it comes to getting these sorts of things done.

Besides, I am working from home with all my cats curled up on the couch sleeping. Its not all that bad.

Thurs I did make the trip to Walgreens and I put the purchase on my cc. IT was $18.32. I got some ice cream in addition to the misc. personal items. DH and I have been craving some for the past week and since the price was good, I purchased. It was good, though not as good as I remembered.

THis week is goingto be a bit busy. I have some meetings to go to at work, though nothing major. Just have to find the nicer items in my closet to wear.

After I get done with my work, DH and I are going to move our bedroom into the newly finished back bedroom!! We've been using the new bathroom and I am beginning to feel civilized again. Its nice to be in a room that looks clean and is well put together. And as the rest of the house comes together, I am sure that feeling will continue to become the norm.

I havent looked at the Sunday paper yet, so dont know if I will be running lots of errands this afternoon or not. Overall, my spending is wayyyy down for this pay period. This is wonderful and i am going to make another very large payment on my mbna this Friday (payday) I am really tired of owing money right now and am making every effort to pay off the mbna. Its at the top of my avalanche.

Nothing amazing about money going on at the moment. I'm in work mode, actually making more money happen rather than analysis mode where I can talk and theorize about what action to take. Overall, things are going much better. I am starting to see the fruits of my labors. Overall debt is decreasing rapidly. I am waiting for some returns on items that i have ordered through the mail and the numbers will go down even farther. The spending bug, the big ticket spending bug, is out of my system for now. I guess that is amazing news....

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