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Continuing on....

July 26th, 2005 at 10:28 am

Tuesday...not payday....hmmmm...why are we here?

The heat is stifling and it really puts a damper on my motivation. It bakes it right out of me. We are getting summer rains (the monsoon season) and now its humid on top of it all. There is no fighting it, so adapt. That means staying inside and moving more slowly in general - even at the mental level.

Monetarily, things are also moving, albeit slowly. But they are moving and that is what I am focusing on right now. I sat down with the master spreadsheet last night and indulged in some debt repayment fantasies. I included all money that is on my horizon for the next couple of weeks and entered it as payments; this includes returns that are pending, the amount I will pay off on Friday (payday), a bond that I need to cash, payment from the second job, etc. I put it all in there just to see the numbers get smaller. Now, I need to make those payments happen and have the money come in.

Its motivating to see the numbers go down so low and know that they can actually happen in the next couple of weeks. I'm getting a little bored with the just sitting back and waiting; not my style. So playing with the numbers really helps keep my interest.

Had a chat with a friend this morning. Again about getting out of the rut of debt repayment and shifting to saving and investing. I'm so used to looking at a balance and putting effort into making that balance decrease. The shift will be to watch a balance INCREASE! That will be a pleasant shift.

Money hasnt been the main thought on my mind lately. Its sort of running in the background. This is good and bad. I'm always aware of it, but if I just let it sit, its too easy for it to fall off the radar and spend with abandon. So I'm sort of keeping my fingers in the pot, but not able to stir it as much as I would like to...

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  1. Alleen onder Glamour versta ik wat anders maar dat moet kunnen. Says:

    Alleen onder Glamour versta ik wat anders maar dat moet kunnen.

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