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no spending day..

August 2nd, 2005 at 04:33 pm

The only catch is that i'm home sick from work and havent left the house. But none the less, no money spent today. I've spent the better part of the day on the couch either asleep or reading through my book on healing your sinuses holistically. Its called Sinus Survival. I like it because he goes into detail about the standard medical model and how antibiotics are often overused and how only the symptoms are usually treated. And then he goes into what you can do at home to improve your health. I've read it before and am now doing a refresher, because I'm obviously not doing something right.

Money - my goals lately are to use cash as much as possible, which has been pretty possible lately. I'm not spending and I've started holding about $20 out of my check for small purchases. I had a dr appt yesterday and paid the co-pay in cash. As I was handing the bills to the woman at the front desk, I thought, " My cc debt is not increasing because I am paying in cash. This is freedom." That was such a good feeling!!! I am going to remember that when I think I need those impulse buys.

I'm still going strong on the tea front as well. I've collected all sorts of hearbal and green teas when they are available at Big Lots. The cupboard is very full at the moment. Because I need to reduce - even cut out - as much sugar as I can, I'm make tea in the fridge. DH is even catching on. He usually drinks a lot of juice, which is also a lot of sugar. Water is the healthy option, but its bland after a while. So, I mixking and steeping and so far have managed to come up with winners. I'm pleased with the results because I think its better for us and its a lot cheaper than the coffees I buy at work and even the juice we make up from concentrate for DH. I've even started to bring it into work with me this week.

Not much else going on. I started to shift my thinking as I was drifting in and out of consciousness. I will become a saver. I will become a saver.....And I can actually see it happening.

No spending today. I have some returns that I still havent gotten to because I'm feeling ill.

I am making dinner tonight. Shrimp scampi with lots of fresh veggies. And a salad. I hope to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I really appreciate it when I can manage a routine. The big things fall into place because they have the support needed to be successful.

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