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This week is crawling

August 4th, 2005 at 12:48 pm

And we dont be paid until the 15th - a Monday no less.

For lunch, I used another b1g1 free for salad at Sonic. So I have lunch for tomorrow too. Here is the url for the promo. It expires at the end of the month. The salads are pretty good; your typical salad from a burger place. http://www.sonicdrivein.com/promos/salad05/olm/index.jsp
Its enough to fill me up at lunch and pretty good for dinner too.

We will probably pick one up again tonight on our way to the outdoor movie...though its not until 8:30 after the sun sets. I'm going to see how well I hold up b/c I'm already dragging.

Last night, I took care of myself and this morning I felt better. I actually woke up when the alarm went off!! I only lounged for 15 min or so. Normally I fall back to sleep for about an hour.

Spending for today:
$4.80 for two salads at Sonic; sad thing is I had to raid the husbands stash of quarters for a couple of bucks as I only had a dollar to my name. Even then, I almost didnt have enough until I found a quarter hiding in the pocket of my purse. Now that it worked out and I've had my lunch and I feel safe, I can say that I'm happy I didnt put it on the cc. That's the path of least resistance for me.

I mailed out some returns to LE this morning, so I'm waiting and watching until those credits are posted on my cc statement. My focus is on decreasing that balance....financial independence...

Overall, a very low spending day today.

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