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checking in

August 12th, 2005 at 01:34 pm

Yesterday was a no spend day!! A friend bought the coffee and I brought all the rest from home - lunch and tea to drink at work.

Today, I ran errands at lunch and seemed to end up with items mainly for the cats.
Bed, Bath, Beyond - $11.94 (used $5.00 coupon) Not sure I will keep this stuff. I picked it up to see how it works in the kitchen before making final decision.
Petco - $6.37 It just opened in our town and I wanted to check it out. Didnt carry the brands we use but I found a couple of things. I will probably order on-line from them. They have free shipping on purchases over $50 and $5 off. The code is right on their site. And the selection is larger.
Local Pet Store - $16.59 - stocked up on healthy treats and misc. items.

I ran errands and paid everything in cash. Sort of playing beat the bank b/c I get paid on Monday. But dont think it will be a problem as check is deposited on Sunday night. Inspite of this, it felt good to pay in cash, knowing that the cc balance was not increasing.

This weekend, I am doing a splurge and getting a massage. That's between cutting tile and painting doors w/ DH. Feeling way too lazy to think about it right now. I may be able to get a lot of it done tonight and then lounge for the rest of the weekend. DH put dinner in the crock pot this morning - baked potatoes. I'm sure he did well.

Tomorrow, more errands to run, but should be down to a minimum. I've wanted to open an account at the local credit union for a while now, but procrastination has gotten the better of me. Not sure what is up with that. I'm afraid its going to be a huge hassle. I also want to open an ING. I've got the invite; but havent had the time to actually do it. Just need to get with it. Lacking motivation in general....

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