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I hate alopathic medicine!!!

August 17th, 2005 at 03:56 pm

Things have been crazy around here. I had a medical issue surface that i needed to take care of ASAP. Not only was the condition itself stressful, but then there is all the peripheral (sp?) stuff you have to deal with, like navigating the insurance/copay/pharmacy dance.

I went to a regular doctor and was given the gloom, doom and eternal fear lecture and then sent on my way to purchase a couple hundred dollars worth of meds and supplies - this is the copay - even with insurance!!! I was really freaked out and nearly in tears as I walked out the dr office. But I had my wits about me to only purchase the minimum until I sought additional advice.

Today, I went to see the naturopath whose opinion I so highly value. She agreed with part of the diagnosis previously given and proceeded to tell me what was really going on. She gave me some enzymes and supplements that she had given me before (but that I stopped taking once I felt better. My very bad.) She didnt coddle me or hold my hand, but she also didnt make me feel like my life was over. I actually felt 1000 times better when I left her office; like there was a hope of curing this rather than just treating the symptoms. According to traditional doctors, this condition is chronic and I would need meds for the rest of my life. Having done my own research and now that I have a second opinion, I see that I will need three to six months to get my body healthy again and then maintain a healthy lifestyle from there on out. (That was part of my problem. My diet was awful and I was always burning the candle at both ends.) But I wont be a prisoner to the pharmaceutical companies for the rest of my days. If I absolutely need conventional drugs to stay alive, I will take them. But I firmly believe in pursuing other options before enslaving oneself to a traditional route of medication.

Needless to say that spending has been through the roof. I had planned to put nearly all of my check on my cc, but now it looks like I will only have a couple of hundred left to go toward it. My second job fell through, but that's okay because it was really sort of boring. With my health being a concern, I need to get more balance in my life and right now that means more sleep for starters. So not having a second job right now is fine. I was going to take two graduate courses in the fall...still considering what to do there.

The heat is beginning to ease up a bit so that is a relief. I'm sort of coasting right now financially rather than making rapid progress toward my goal of paying off the mbna in November. Recent events have used up most of my cash. I have paid everything in cash except for the gas I put in my car today so that is a good thing. I put that on the cc because it was more convenient to pay at the pump.

This too shall conclude and I am confident I will get back on track with the spending and debt reduction. I'm just happy that I had the resources available to cover everything - both cash and insurance wise.

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  1. Bonnie Ell Says:


    You did not mention your chronic condition - I too have been working with a homeopathic Dr. for a few years- and my health has improved significantly - if you would like to try a natural fruit juice that has been proven to offer more than 200 + known health benefits to people - please see my web site above and I'm happy to answer all your questions. Take care,


    Bonnie Ell

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