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September 27th, 2005 at 01:09 pm

This week is moving along rather slowly. I am waiting for my electonic paystub to become available, so I can start making out the bills. Last night I sat down and organized everything, i.e. return labels, stamps on envelopes, grouped the on-line payments. I also sat down with the master spreadsheet and went over the numbers. I am very impressed that the sum total is lower than I thought despite of the fact that I've been buying so much health related stuff during September. This is very pleasing. It also means that maintainence wont be as bad as I had thought financially.

DH treated me to lunch. We had a two for one coupon. I thought it was very sweet of him to call me out the blue. AND he won points for bringing the coupon, too!!

My sinus infection is going away and I've noticed a dramatic difference in my personality. I actually want to talk to people and interact. I finally have the energy to be social. What a difference. I do feel a bit tired as the day goes on, but I can tell that health is slowly returning.

I have class tonight, but it should be a quiet evening after that. I have some homework, but I might just opt to catch up on sleep instead.

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