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It was easier to come to work this morning

September 29th, 2005 at 12:21 pm

The crush hasnt started yet. Nor do I plan for it to for a couple of weeks. I still have plenty to do with current responsibilities, but am letting the wheels start to spin so all gears will mesh when it does happen.

I went over the master spreadsheet last night. It's like a bolt of lightening, but I've started including some of the regularly purchased items in my budget. It helps my need to spend. I know what it coming and since its planned can stick to the budget and feel less likely to stray.

This weekend I have quite a lot of homework, though not as much as previous weekends. I will be taking some work home, but would like to get out and do some other things. I'd really like to work on our yard. The "grass" is getting to b a foot or so deep in many places. Last weekend we had someone come pounding on our door to see if we would hire his son to take care of it. He looked at me like I was nuts when I said it didnt need it. It does need it, but I was ill and didnt feel like dealing with someone else's child when he spoke no English and my Spanish made me sound like a crazy gringa. Maybe I'll start tonight in the evening when its cool. Do a little bit at a time. I know our neighbors must wonder what the H we are doing. Unfortunately, they cant see all the work we are doing on the inside of the house.

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