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Saturday errands and good deals

October 8th, 2005 at 04:32 pm

DH and I ran some errands. We need bedside lamps for the new bedroom that we have been working on. He is hanging the mirror on the closet and taking care of minor touches. We should be able to move in next weekend. We could do it this weekend, but there is too much else going on and I'm not in the mood to spread myself thin right now.

So we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and found two lamps that have a rustic look - and I had two coupons. One for 20% and the other for $5. We each took a lamp and each made a purchase. This saved us $13. The lamps were only $40 each to begin with, which is very reasonable compared to most that we looked at. Most were starting at $60 just for a single base. By the time you add shades, its nearly $200.

We also stopped at Big Lots to pick up misc like hangers, sponges, cotton pads, mustard and a toilet brush. Real exciting. But DH went with and was impressed that we only spent $9 on all the stuff we bought. After we bought the lamps, I told him again how happy I am that he will use coupons to save money. He sort of chuckled and thought it was odd that I'm so enthused about this. I told him that a lot of people are too embarrassed to use coupons. His response - I guess I've never met a lot of those people. One less battle for me to fight!! Smile

Earlier, I went grocery shopping at WalMart, Albertsons and the local coop healthfood store. I spent a lot of money, over $100 total, including coupons. But I did the stock up thing. We've been keeping lists on the fridge of things we use regularly and have run out of. The only things that go on these lists are the things we use hardcore. So, between the sales and coupons coming due, I figured it was time to finally get some shopping done. I feel good knowing that I didnt buy anything extra or frivolous. That helps to defray the large bill. And we now have several staples on hand, so I wont need to do a big shopping trip for quite a while. With gas at the price it is and time also being at a premium, that's a good thing by me.

I found the tea I like at WalMart for half the price that Albertsons charges. Its a new item and Alb seems to carry them before WalMart, so I was paying more. But now Walmart has caught up and I will buy it there from this point forward. And I also found out that the rice milk I drink regularly is on sale for the month of October AND I can order it by the case and recieve a 10% discount. Payday is Friday and I'm going to order two cases!! Our cupboards are beginning to bulge, but its a good feeling to have a surplus on hand.

Tomorrow we are attending the XPrize cup events. DH bought the tickets on-line for $6 each. I will pack a lunch and drinks to make sure we arent held captive to high prices. After that, we are heading to the mall. I have a couple more coupons BOGOF sort of things. I want to use them before they expire. I love getting stuff for free - or even discounted. It makes me feel like I am getting more for my dollar, but it seems like its closer to the price it should be in the first place. DH had purchased some very nice bath salts for me as a gift. One of them smelled like lavendar and I swear I slept better the night I used them. I'm going to pick some of those up and then I can get a lotion free. If the scents are too much, I can always give it as a gift.

I've been very, very good about resisting the temptation to buy clothes. I think I'm still losing weight. The jeans I bought just a couple of weeks ago are now sagging off my bum. The scale says I'm staying the same, but none of my pants fit me. I think I'm toning up rather than dropping pounds. I'm still eating like a horse. I really do need clothes for work. I'm starting to dress like a college student and that's not the look I'm going for. I need something a little more dressy than jeans. I'm not sure what to do. I dont want to spend money on clothes that will need to be replaced in a couple of months, but dont really want to look like a slouch much longer either.

Another factor is that we dont really have any nice places to shop in town. So I have to travel to the next town over and I dont know the area well enough to feel confident that I am getting good deals. Plus, its a large city and parking, even at the large malls, is a problem. The stock is usually picked over when there is a good deal, so you do a lot of digging for very little return. I havent had prodcutive excursions in the past, so I'm not especially eager to go again. But I'm also not happy with the local JPC either. I really dont know what to do to remedy this. But its beginning to become a problem - one that will not easily go away.

Today, my health is wonderful. I got plenty of sleep last night, but I also think I'm just getting healthier in general. I have an appt on the 17th to check my progress and I'm really excited. I have more energy than I did two months ago though in other ways, I still feel awful. It will take time, I am sure. But so far, the results are encouraging.

Overall, things are feeling productive here. I'm slowling getting things done and am just as slowly, but surely, and finally, seeing some results from all the work. I hope it all continues in this direction.

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