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general sense of calm

October 11th, 2005 at 03:14 pm

We are making plans to travel for Thanksgiving. We are driving to CA to visit family. Normally we fly, but this year, I am taking the whole week off which will give us plenty of time for the two day drive. I am actually looking forward to it. The relatives out there live a very different lifestyle and it is CA...but I'm craving some civilization right about now. I'm also very glad we are driving. This season I'm very concerned about catching a cold or something worse from the stale, recirculated airplane air.

But there is something more...I have another semester, maybe two, before I complete my master's degree. It depends on just how hard I want to push the process along. I am looking at job options once I get past that hurdle. In some ways, I would like to stay in my current position. Its comfortable, but I've pretty much maxed out my advancement possiblilities. That means no more significant raises; just the annual 3% and even that is not guaranteed.
I'm daydreaming of a big job, something that pays well, as in doubling my current salary. The relatives live very close to a blue chip company that recruits from the academic program I am in. I'm not sure I would like to move to CA, but I certainly do like to daydream about a better life and the option of doubling my income. I'm going to look at things with a very critical eye when we are there for a visit and see what I can uncover...

I'm really looking forward to doing some shopping while we are there!!! I so need clothes. This morning I scraped together what I'm going to wear for the rest of the week. I have about three, maybe four, decent, work appropriat outfits that I can get buy with. Everything else is jeans and t-shirts - all just a bit too casual for me at this point. Things are going to get very busy at work and I'm going to be meeting with the Big People on a regular basis. I want to look a little more put together. Clothes make the woman; and I can tell the difference in my attitude when I am dressed professionally.

Plus, now that I am feeling better with my health improving and I'm still enjoying the light feeling after dropping 30 lbs since May, I'm in the process of re-defining myself a bit. Friday is a haircut, something shorter and fresher. And I want a carefree, easy wardrobe to go with it. Lots of knit items in natural fibers. I ordered shoes off zappos.com today. Need to move beyond the Keens. Lovely and comfy, but I'm going a bit more city.

Just rambling. What I think I am trying to say is that on nearly all fronts, things feel like they are finally, finally coming together and maybe even paying off. Its been such a long time in the making that I feel a sense of relief all the way down to my bones. And I am grateful.

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