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still quiet on the money front.

October 13th, 2005 at 11:25 am

There were two small bills to pay out of this paycheck. I wrote them out on Tues and will put them in the mail tomorrow. All the other items that I've budgeted for this pay period are for services. I have a hair cut tomorrow, and a list of three or four other things that escape me at the moment. So I am sitting on a huge amount of money in my account. Interestingly, I'm not feeling tempted to spend it. Its already allocated. By Tuesday of next week I should be able to pay of a large chunk of my eternal mbna. I've stopped spending on it, so the balance is not increasing.

Work is starting to get under my skin again. All summer, and several months prior, we were waiting for documents to come through. Nothing could be done until they were delivered. Well, they finally were three weeks ago and now everyone wants their websites redesigned yesterday. I love the work, but I really hate feeling pressured to produce something that I need time to do. AND suddenly, out of nowhere, everyone is asking for the heavy duty stuff that is quite labor intensive. I'm glad to do the work, because I love this stuff. But I cannot deliver a four week project in two days. Being rushed always makes me angry. I wish I could develop a more laid back personality about it.

I am right now formulating a way to march into my bosses office and ask for an upgrade. I need to calm down a bit first.

On other fronts, the house is continuing to come along. We moved furniture into the second bedroom last night. Now DH can start moving things into his office which will free up the entertainment room for remodeling. We are systematically going through each room, painting, tiling and finishing off whatever else was undone when we bought it. It will be like new when we get done. Already, I love the rooms that are done and cant imagine how we lived in the unfinished ones. Living in it while working on it is more of a challenge than I realized it would be.

School is going well, sort of. I've talked to a couple of other techy people who are in the program, but who are also frustrated that its not techy enough. I've got one semester to go (if I push) and I will be done. I will have my paper in hand and (hopefully) a wider range of job options available to me. I'm so tired of working hard and not being paid a wage that will allow me to do the things I want to in life - even while I am generally being frugal.

I guess I am stressed today and tired of working on other people's terms. sigh....I have Monday off to see the naturopath. The drive will do me good. I daydream about skipping my class, though I'll see how I feel as the time draws near. If I'm in the mood, I might as well go b/c they count attendance - in a graduate class!!!

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    So interesting site, thanks!

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