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quiet Saturday

October 15th, 2005 at 01:36 pm

I've gone over the budget and have found that I've spent far more this month than I intended. It could be because I've indulged myself and done some spending for clothes this past week. I have two items to return, which will be a good thing. I was trying to be so careful, but I guess I got lulled into that feeling of security again and figured it was okay to spend. And overboard I seemed to go.

We are doing things around the house today. Sort of puttering, but doing the little things that make the big things run more smoothly during the rest of the week. We are still moving things around and sorting out as we go. This time DH had a couple of things to take to the second hand bookstore and a charity that we donate to. Things that he admitted were impulse buys and now he doesnt really have a need for them. I'm so glad he's not a pack rat.

I've got bread in the machine and something I've never made before in the crock pot. Its a mushroom barley veggie combination that I hope is tasty, because it certainly is healthy. We've been eating the leftovers in the fridge until dinner is done tonight. I'm really trying to use what we already have. I'm tired of running around chasing sales. There are a couple of things at two grocery stores I've never been to in our area. But I think I'm going to do the isolationist thing this weekend and use only internal resources. Also, when you have a reasonable number of choices, its easier to decide what to make for dinner. Otherwise, I get overwhelmed and end up making nothing and going for the junky snackies that arent filling and arent good for you either.

Enough procratinating. I really do need to go study. I am so dreading it.....

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