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October 22nd, 2005 at 01:05 pm

Its the weekend again. For five days, I yearn for the freedom of my weekends - and then they are filled with the same old, same old. At least we are having a beautiful day here and all the doors are open to let in the fresh air and sunlight.

I've spent a better part of the morning going over expenses and budgetting for the next pay period on the 31st. I am including as many expenses in the budget as I can so I know the things we need are covered. I also did this in an effort to anticipate what may be comnig my way in the next two weeks so I'm less tempted to splurge and blow the budget. I got down to details like postage stamps and hair cuts. My goal is to list as many things as possible so I will pay in cash. Then I will use my cc's to order things on-line, like supplements, etc. Basically the things I can't buy locally or if the price is sooo much better on-line, even with shipping.

This morning, I transferred my mbna to a 0% interest until June 06 account with Discover!!! So very pleased with that. No transfer fees either. It will save me about $40/month in interest. I redid my avalanche and its going to take me longer to pay down my other cards, but they are at 2.9% until paid in full. So, yes, I will be paying interest, but a very low amount at that. The timeframe still bothers me. Mybe the math in my spreadsheet is off.

I cleaned off my desk so now I can again find everything. So far its been a rather productive day. Homework still lingers....arg.

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