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Ill with a stomach thingy

November 4th, 2005 at 01:59 pm

Today was a no spend day. I came home at noon with a mild stomach upset. Mine also started yesterday when I ate lunch at work. Its always a crap shoot with lunch in the cafeteria. I came home about an hour early yesterday and thougt a good night's sleep would let it run its course. No luck. I woke up this morning and was particularly snarly, but figured it was because of meetings I would be sitting through. But once I got to work, after a couple of hours, I realized what it was. So I filled out the sick leave form, asked my boss if there was anything critical and left at lunch.

I thought I would sleep the rest of the day away, but once I got home, I went into overdrive and cleaned. I developed this sudden aversion to the dust and everyday clutter that suddenly seemed to be EVERYWHERE. When I get sick, I get emotional and a bit irrational with respect to the small things. So I wipde down the entire kitchen, ran the dishwasher and moved things around to make the space look more open and clean. Even DH noticed the difference.

For the rest of the day, I'm not sure what is going on. The usual homework hangs over my head. Tomorrow we are going shopping in the big city down the road. I just sorted through all of our coupons for restaurants and entertainment, tossing the expired ones and pulling out the ones we may use tomorow. If one plays it right, there really are a lot of BOGOF's out there. They come and go in phases, but we rarely seem to be without them.

Payday is on the 15th, but I'm organizing papers and bills, making sure things are in order so that when I do get paid, I can take care of the details without a lot of running around.

Not much else for news. I really dont like being sick and I hope its not the flu that everyone else seems to be talking about.

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