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Things are settling down today

November 29th, 2005 at 02:38 pm

Okay, the day isnt over yet, but I think its okay to call it productive. I havnt gotten a lot done in quantity, but have been mentally mapping where I need to go. When I'm organized I get so much more accomplished.

I was up until 1:00 this morning working on my project to present today. There were some technical glitches that came up, which is what took me so long. At 10:15 I coaxed DH to going to Albertson's for pie. It was BOGOF on frozen Sara Lee's. Then we found ice cream on sale as well. It all came out to $12 plus change, which is okay for a splurge that we will be eating for a couple of days. But we had fun. It was like a late night munchie run from college. We laughed as we hurried to beat the store closing at 11:00. Then we had to stay up to bake the pies.

Spending today: .65 on a Pepsi out of the machine. Caffeine to help me stay awake from last night.

I went home for lunch and filled my water bottles. I've been making an effort to drink 3-4 liters per day. And I can really feel the difference. I just feel more awake and alert, even when I dont get enough sleep. I lost three pounds over Thanksgiving and I think its because I was drinking so much water.

Nothing on the money front. I didnt go to the bookstore with my friend. I think she was out ill today. I havent been able to reach her all day. Maybe we will go tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I am getting some highlights and a cut. I waited too long and now am in freak out mode. I just made the appt this afternoon. I will probably go to the mall and run some errands - bras at JCP, hepa vaccumm bags at Sears and I have a coupon for a free candle with a $30 purchse at Bath and Body Works. I'm sure I can find something I like and use. If not, I'll look for gifts and get the candle. It may even be gifted depending on what they smell like.

Last night I started making my list of all the things I want to do with my free time in the new year. I could spend more of my time working at my job, because I really like the work I do and even more I love the feeling of accomplishment it brings to get things done. We'll see how that goes. I may just want to reach out and touch all of them after a couple of weeks...we shall see.

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