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end of the month means payday

November 30th, 2005 at 03:25 pm

Today was a no spend day. I brought three liters of water from home and my lunch and had to reason to buy anything. I was tempted at the cafeteria, because the burgers smelled very good, but I just had to remember the effect that cafeteria food has and I kept on walking along.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We had kielbasa last night and it did not agree. Far too rich for my blood. So dinner tonight for me is oatmeal and a cup of green tea.

I came home early because I had brain fry, but will be working from home to make up the time. I'll probably put on more time than I took off because I have a major deadline looming and want to be certain I meet it.

The presentation in class last night went very well. The teacher was impressed, so I think we will be getting a good grade. That is a relief. I'm still not taking any classes next semester.

I have two short papers to edit tonight and one more to write, which I will probably do over the weekend. Then I am FREEEEEE from that burden.

DH really wants to do Christmas decorations this year. The past two years were way too busy, but this year, we have time. We're getting a tree for our front porch. To get one for inside would be crazy. I am certain the two younger cats would climb it. And we want to put out Luminarias as well. We have a bunch of electric ones that DH filled the bottoms with extra grout to weight them down. It gets very windy here in the winter and they always, always end up blowing away no matter how many rocks you put in the bottom of the bag. I think the grout will hold these though.

Payday here today. Its already spent. All the bills are paid. I just need to mail them out tomorrow morning on my way to work. It was sort of anticlimactic this month for some reason. Just do it and get it done. No yearning for miracles or high hopes that it will get better. Just same old, same old. Hope that changes during the month. I really want to get motivated to be more frugal again. Its difficult when your health prevents you from focusing and then you get stressed because youre not healthy. This is temporary. At least I believe that much.

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