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taking advantage of deals that come my way

January 21st, 2006 at 02:36 pm

Last night's lasagne turned out VERY well. It will not stay in the fridge long, I predict. Good thing as there are two more pans in the freezer.

I started the ham soup in the crock pot this morning. It should be done pretty soon.

I started this day with a massage that has left me feeling very good and rather happy, as in smiling all the time, just a little and for no tangible reason. If I could only put that in the water.

Placed and order at VitaminShoppe.com. I compared prices with the site I usually use and the items that I was looking for were cheaper on VS. They also had a $10 off a $40 order and free shipping on $50 order. With the discount, my order came in at $43.XX. Got the shipping free as before discount was $53.xx!!

Ordered other supplements at the main site. Always so expensive, but I continue to feel better, so they have my business.

Recieved my Discover statement and I reconciled reciepts against the statement. December was a killer month for spening, but I had come VERY, VERY large, non-recurring purchases. I believe January to Feb statement will be much, much more reasonable. And I will once again make progress is paying it off.

I redeemed my cash back on Discover card for a GC at Red Lobster. These can also be used at the Olive Garden and we have coupons for $3 off two entrees. The closest one to us is 30-45 minutes away, but for a treat, we will take the trip.

Cats are really liking the new dry food. Didnt touch the raw that I put out for them this morning. I may gently switch them over to the dry or at least cut way back on the raw. The store I buy the dry at also has a program where you buy 12 bags and the 13th is free. Signed up when I bought the first bag.

I got a return ready for the silk turtlenecks I bought online a couple of days ago. The long underwear are keepers, but the turtlenecks were not to my liking. So I will need to run to the post office tonight or tomorrow.

These things have taken the better part of the day. Its 4:00 here and I havent started any work. I could take today off and cram it in tomorrow...not really sure. I could use a nap. It will either give me a clearer head or will really put me out of comission.....thinking.....

Edit: DH is really getting into this frugal/saving money thing. He got a GC for $10 from MIL for Best Buy and had been holding onto it. He noticed that games for the XBox were on sale. The light went on and he bought a game on sale, with the GC and paid only $12ish for a game that would usually be about $40?? The best part is he put all this together on his own. We talked about it before hand, sort of like a test run. But he did the running on his own. I'm so proud of him. He didnt want to admit he's making progress in the world of coupons. Kind of like being a teen and having your mom kiss you on the cheek in front of your friends. Embarrassing, but he's willing to go along if he doesnt have to 'fess up. If the end result is saving $$$, I am not complaining.

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