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stress makes me grumbly

December 1st, 2005 at 09:40 am

To much stress and not enough sleep can really give a person an ugly disposition.

Spending for the day is already 23.16 from the health food store. It was mandatory that I pick up something herbal to calm my nerves. Two papers to write, one for this evening; the other for Monday night, but due on the 8th. I'm feeling better, in my own head at least. This is why I am not taking classes next semester. I cant do this anymore.

I'm working from home today. Though I couldnt do this on a regular basis, I do get more done from home. With a cup of tea and a hot bowl of oat meal in my tummy, I'm ready to get started. I take more frequent, but shorter breaks and just am more productive overall.

I have to go into campus this evening for class. If any work emergencies appear between now and then, I will take care of those as well. I think things will be quiet.

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end of the month means payday

November 30th, 2005 at 03:25 pm

Today was a no spend day. I brought three liters of water from home and my lunch and had to reason to buy anything. I was tempted at the cafeteria, because the burgers smelled very good, but I just had to remember the effect that cafeteria food has and I kept on walking along.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We had kielbasa last night and it did not agree. Far too rich for my blood. So dinner tonight for me is oatmeal and a cup of green tea.

I came home early because I had brain fry, but will be working from home to make up the time. I'll probably put on more time than I took off because I have a major deadline looming and want to be certain I meet it.

The presentation in class last night went very well. The teacher was impressed, so I think we will be getting a good grade. That is a relief. I'm still not taking any classes next semester.

I have two short papers to edit tonight and one more to write, which I will probably do over the weekend. Then I am FREEEEEE from that burden.

DH really wants to do Christmas decorations this year. The past two years were way too busy, but this year, we have time. We're getting a tree for our front porch. To get one for inside would be crazy. I am certain the two younger cats would climb it. And we want to put out Luminarias as well. We have a bunch of electric ones that DH filled the bottoms with extra grout to weight them down. It gets very windy here in the winter and they always, always end up blowing away no matter how many rocks you put in the bottom of the bag. I think the grout will hold these though.

Payday here today. Its already spent. All the bills are paid. I just need to mail them out tomorrow morning on my way to work. It was sort of anticlimactic this month for some reason. Just do it and get it done. No yearning for miracles or high hopes that it will get better. Just same old, same old. Hope that changes during the month. I really want to get motivated to be more frugal again. Its difficult when your health prevents you from focusing and then you get stressed because youre not healthy. This is temporary. At least I believe that much.

response to Kashi re cat toys

November 29th, 2005 at 02:48 pm

I just saw your comment after I submitted my last post.

One of the things that also worked for us was straws. You can buy a million pack at the dollar store. I stuck them in the rim of a basket - or anything you can wedge them into- so they would stand up and have some resistence when he played with them. They were demolished in weeks. Easy to replace and generally safe.

Shredding is also an issue here. I give our cat a paper bag with the top rolled down to keep it open. Put a couple of cat treats in there and shake it up! He pounces on it and just starts shredding. Its a mess when all the little pieces get all over the house, but it's cheap and it saves the furniture.

The FAVORITE toys are feather dusters. I found two ostrich dusters at Big Lots for $2 each. These will leave fuzzies all over your house, but I consider that a small price. The other thing is the metallic, fuzzy, pom poms from Joanne fabrics. They are just the right size to fit in a kitties mouth and if you sign up for the mailing list with Joanne, you get monthly coupons up to 40% off, sometimes more. We have hundreds of these throughout the house, but I know I didnt pay a lot for them; little bit of piece of mind.

I feel like I've gone on and on like an obsessed cat woman. Call it a much needed break from a full day of linear thinking at work. Hope this helps.

Things are settling down today

November 29th, 2005 at 02:38 pm

Okay, the day isnt over yet, but I think its okay to call it productive. I havnt gotten a lot done in quantity, but have been mentally mapping where I need to go. When I'm organized I get so much more accomplished.

I was up until 1:00 this morning working on my project to present today. There were some technical glitches that came up, which is what took me so long. At 10:15 I coaxed DH to going to Albertson's for pie. It was BOGOF on frozen Sara Lee's. Then we found ice cream on sale as well. It all came out to $12 plus change, which is okay for a splurge that we will be eating for a couple of days. But we had fun. It was like a late night munchie run from college. We laughed as we hurried to beat the store closing at 11:00. Then we had to stay up to bake the pies.

Spending today: .65 on a Pepsi out of the machine. Caffeine to help me stay awake from last night.

I went home for lunch and filled my water bottles. I've been making an effort to drink 3-4 liters per day. And I can really feel the difference. I just feel more awake and alert, even when I dont get enough sleep. I lost three pounds over Thanksgiving and I think its because I was drinking so much water.

Nothing on the money front. I didnt go to the bookstore with my friend. I think she was out ill today. I havent been able to reach her all day. Maybe we will go tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I am getting some highlights and a cut. I waited too long and now am in freak out mode. I just made the appt this afternoon. I will probably go to the mall and run some errands - bras at JCP, hepa vaccumm bags at Sears and I have a coupon for a free candle with a $30 purchse at Bath and Body Works. I'm sure I can find something I like and use. If not, I'll look for gifts and get the candle. It may even be gifted depending on what they smell like.

Last night I started making my list of all the things I want to do with my free time in the new year. I could spend more of my time working at my job, because I really like the work I do and even more I love the feeling of accomplishment it brings to get things done. We'll see how that goes. I may just want to reach out and touch all of them after a couple of weeks...we shall see.

The first day back from vacation

November 28th, 2005 at 05:40 pm

Jorge - thanks for the comments. I agree that we do pick up other people's stuff during the course of the day. Havent done yoga in a while. I'm still looking for a good class.

I placed a special bulk order for epsom salts at the food coop. They were $3.33 for a four pound bag with my discount. Then later found them at WalMart for 1.94 for the same size. Ouch!! But now I know. Even husband said Ouch!

Spending for today was heavy!!
$79.81 Health food coop
$3.46 Walgreens (used gift card)
$106.57 WalMart

I keep lists on the fridge and it was time to follow through on them. I ran errands at lunch and after work.

Walgreens has Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover on sale for 3.88. Its 5.98 at WalMart. I got two. We also needed Sharpies. They were buy one, get one for .01. I had a gift card with rebates from last months purchases.

At the health food coop I picked up a special order, placed two more and got some groceries. I had also been keeping a list for them too and it was getting to the point that I needed some of the key items on it.

WalMart was off the richter scale!! But I got groceries and household items both. I'm sort of proud of myself for one of the discoveries I made. We have a cat who chews on things. I've been looking at dog toys for quite some time, but they are too big for him and too pricey. It dawned on me tonight - baby chewing toys. I picked up three for a dollar each. If he never uses them, I will donate them to Goodwill or something of that sort. He also likes loofas and those plasticy bath puffs that you can pick up for .99.

Tomorrow is going to be more errands. A friend is looking for a copy of Its a Wonderful Life for her brother. We have a good used bookstore that she's never been to. I have a stack of books to take in and will show her around. It motivates me to go and hopefully she will find what she is looking for. You can put your name on a waiting list. I'll have to remember that tomorrow when we go.

After the bookstore, we might go to one of the discount stores. I have an instore credit. Its one of those places that is hit or miss, depending on what is in stock. Its on the way and I havent been there in a while, so its worth a look to see what's available.

Today was a crazy sort of day at work. I honestly had to take a Xanax that I reserve only for trips to the dentist. It was mission critical. Far too much stress and no means of coping. People are not getting me info I need and asking for things that I'm not even working on. It makes me crazy to feel such little sense of progress. To add to the stress, the head honcho is also crazy re his management style. I go to meetings to preview drafts of the work I do and three people will all be talking to me at the same time. And then they all finish simultaneously and look at me, expecting a coherent response. Amazing. These are the people making the big money. I think I need to take more sedatives and jump in the circus to be successful with this lot. Not likely to happen, but the logical, professional approach escapes them.

I skipped my class this evening. I really needed to calm down from the events of the day. I also wanted to feel like I was in control of my own time for a change. I came home, made dinner and went over finances right away to track my spending.

Also, I've started keeping a list of all the errands I need to do and the coupons I have which are current. I'm also stockpiling little freebies here and there for gifts. The list is short this year, but if I have the things to give, I would like to share the wealth.

I think that is the news for the day. This evening is going to be homework. Have a group project due tomorrow. Ug

Thoughts on travel and stress in the new year

November 27th, 2005 at 07:58 pm

Today was a no spend day. I didnt go anywhere either. DH and I slept in late to recover from travelling and once I finally got moving, I put on the comfiest sweats I own and did hausfrau stuff.

I made fresh taboule, dolma (stuffed grape leaves), and fried eggplant from our CSA. We went shopping at a Persian marketwhile on vacation and I was eager to use the treasures I had found. Plus, we ate very rich Persian food during the entire time we were away. I was in the mood for something light. And its all healthy...except for the eggplant perhaps. Though, I did use only grapeseed and olive oil and I baked it in the oven.

Did some laundry last night, but nothing strenuous.

The numbers for my Wed paycheck were on-line tonight, so I sat down with the spreadsheet and checkbook and paid all the bills but two for this payperiod. Those are the phone bill which we have not yet recieved and a chiropractic appt. which is on Friday. Electric and gas/water were both way down. We just recently turned the furnace on so the next month's should be low as well. I bit the bullet and made considerable payments on the cc's. I've really let that slide and now the numbers are reflecting the lack of attention. However, if I am careful, I believe I can get them back to where I started.

I went through the Sunday paper and made lists of errnads to be run sometime this week - at lunch if I'm in the mood or after work. Penney's is having a sale on Bali bras - buy two, get two free. This is when I stock up on those. And I pay my JCP card in full every month.

There is something about going on vacation and hauling all of your possessions that makes me reassess(sp?) my attitude toward stuff. I was so content today to just putter about with the things we already have. I'm sure I would feel that way if I could lounge like that more often.

One of my goals is to keep track of the personal products I use throughout the year. This seems a little anal, but there is a money saving logic behind it. My skin changes from hyper oily to moderately dry during the course of the year. Products used in summer do not work during the winter and vice versa. So I have to change shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, moisturizers, etc to prevent a scaley complexion or major break outs. When I find a product I like, I usually forget it by the next year when I need it again. Compunding the issue, I have sensitive skin. Trial by error can be very expensive and actually painful. So, I've made up another spreadsheet listing the product, the size and the cheapest place to purchase it. This is helpful because I do a considerable amount of shopping on-line. It saves from having to search all over again and compare prices.

I did this during the car trip cross country while hauling one's stuff was fresh on my mind. This list also doubles as my packing list so I will be sure to bring the right products for the right time of year or climate. And it makes packing a no brainer - and hopefully my luggage will be lighter as well. Because the mad dash out the door is plenty stressful enough. I like traveling, but I'm ready for it to be easier than it has been lately.

The new year for me is going to be about dealing with the stress in my life and focusing on my health. I'm not taking any classes. I'm so ecstatic that I'm having a hard time focusing on the final projects that are due these next two weeks. But the big thing that I've started doing again is taking hot bathes right before going to bed. I load them up with epsom salt (which I am researching to purchast in bulk), light some candles and soak away the stress. This has already helped considerably and I believe will help me to sleep better which in turn will help with coping during the course of the day. Its also relatively inexpensive. Its also difficult to shop when you are soaking...even on-line. I think I really like this.

The other thing am going to become more involved in is reading. I really miss reading non-academic books just for the fun of it. I will probably go to the library more again and see what they may have. We also have a very good used bookstore in town that just expanded. I have a large credit with them and havent been finding much that interests me lately. I'm thinking about cashing it all in and buying as many childrens books as they have and then donating them to an organization that does work in Mexico. I've toyed with this a lot lately, but havent had the time to follow through. That will be good to get off my list.

I think for now I am going to keep lists for a while and mull over the possibilites. And pursue them when the time is right....sounds profound.

hmmm...where do I start

November 24th, 2005 at 11:01 pm

I havent logged in lately and I havent been motivated about money for the past several weeks.

I took the whole week off for Thanksgiving. We've travelled to CA to visit family which is where we are now. Its been nice to get away from the craziness that has been my life lately. Work is crazy with everyone suddenly telling me what they think they want and need.

The end of the semester is looming which means final projects are due soon. I will be very happy to be done with these two classes. I'm so glad that I wont be taking any classes next semester.

DH and I have not been seeing eye to eye for a while, but I think we have sorted it out and things will be settling down again.

Overall, life has not been fun and my focus is not on money. I've been shopping and spending in different ways and on things that I havent bought in some time. I'm still trying to work out a sense of identity. I work around lots of college students. Every year they seem to get younger and younger while I dont feel my life progressing as quickly...or sometimes at all...The administration talks about how much we do for the students to help them suceed and its the staff that delivers. But there really isnt a good deal that's done to support the staff to assist them in maintaining the high levels at which we perform. Gets old. I day dream about finding another job once I get my masters. That would require moving again. A city with something for adults to do does sound tempting.

We are staying with family and living the life of Riley. Its been about shopping (at Marshall's and other discount stores). I've finally been able to find some fashionable clothing for amazing prices. We've eaten like kings, stuffing ourselves until it hurts. My sister in law has been running the kitchen and I soooo appreciate being relieved of those duties. Then we sit around the table afterwards and talk and laugh and get loud until very late at night. Its been wonderful!!! Its a very different life from the one we lead in NM. I'm currently sitting in front of the TV with something on cable playing. Funny how with so many channels and still nothing to watch.

I just flipped it off only to hear the pitter patters of rain. How nice - also something we dont get a lot of in the desert.

The down time has been so good. I've done some of my homework, though not nearly as much as I intended. I will try to make up for that during the 17 hour drive home. I've been on-line and done quite a lot of shopping for things we use regularly. I thought we would find some of those things out here, but we havent had the time to shop as much as I had hoped. Also, since I dont know the area, I'm not sure if I'm getting the best deal or not. I forgot to bring a price book. But I have a feeling that prices here are much higher than I am used to. We did go to a Persian market and I stocked up on the ingrediants that we cant get where we live. The sum total was considerably more than I had planned to spend, but its worth it. I hope to do more cooking in the new year as I believe I will have considerably more free time.

same old

November 7th, 2005 at 08:19 pm

Today was a minimal spending day. I purchased epsom salt at Walgreens; it was two for one and I paid with my gift card. I had some rebates plus 10% back. There were several other items I was looking at in the store, but did some price comparison and realized that they were cheaper elsewhere.

Had class tonight so I got home late. DH is helping his mother and will be staying overnight. For dinner I made quinoa. I've never had it before and it was realy good. I cooked it with some olive oil and salt and then put some butter and more salt on it when it was done. Its lighter than brown rice and a little bit nuttier? sweeter? I am going to get some more and keep it on hand. It cooks quicker than rice and makes for a nice change.

This week should be quiet financially. I get paid on the 15th, but have taken care of the big items and should be okay until then. Plenty of food on hand and gas in the car. Cats are well stocked with all their items as well.

Last Saturday we went shopping. I got some clothes but still need more. I have no dress pants at this point and would like to have a couple of pairs. I'm holding out for our trip to CA. I should be able to find some cool things there.

Not much to report. We are all nestled in for the winter. May need to get some firewood, but neither of us is moving too quickly on that one. Nothing else going on really....

Ill with a stomach thingy

November 4th, 2005 at 01:59 pm

Today was a no spend day. I came home at noon with a mild stomach upset. Mine also started yesterday when I ate lunch at work. Its always a crap shoot with lunch in the cafeteria. I came home about an hour early yesterday and thougt a good night's sleep would let it run its course. No luck. I woke up this morning and was particularly snarly, but figured it was because of meetings I would be sitting through. But once I got to work, after a couple of hours, I realized what it was. So I filled out the sick leave form, asked my boss if there was anything critical and left at lunch.

I thought I would sleep the rest of the day away, but once I got home, I went into overdrive and cleaned. I developed this sudden aversion to the dust and everyday clutter that suddenly seemed to be EVERYWHERE. When I get sick, I get emotional and a bit irrational with respect to the small things. So I wipde down the entire kitchen, ran the dishwasher and moved things around to make the space look more open and clean. Even DH noticed the difference.

For the rest of the day, I'm not sure what is going on. The usual homework hangs over my head. Tomorrow we are going shopping in the big city down the road. I just sorted through all of our coupons for restaurants and entertainment, tossing the expired ones and pulling out the ones we may use tomorow. If one plays it right, there really are a lot of BOGOF's out there. They come and go in phases, but we rarely seem to be without them.

Payday is on the 15th, but I'm organizing papers and bills, making sure things are in order so that when I do get paid, I can take care of the details without a lot of running around.

Not much else for news. I really dont like being sick and I hope its not the flu that everyone else seems to be talking about.


November 1st, 2005 at 02:18 pm

Yesterday was a no spend day. Today, I've already blown it by stopping at the healthfood store this morning on my way into work. I needed (not want) an item right away. No time to order off the Internet and wait for a week even if the price was better online. While there, I picked up some things for my lunch. More expensive than packing something, but cheaper than picking up something at work.

I worked through lunch and got some things done, though I still have lots to do.

In making the decision not to take classes next semester, I already feel like a weight has been lifted from my entire life! Even DH has noticed a difference. I daydream of free time again. I'm not sure what we will do...maybe start walking again? or just getting into shape gradually. Whatever it may be, I am really looking forward to it.

I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving vacation. I am taking the full week off and we will be travelling. I am looking forward to getting my homework done during that week. And then when we come back, the semester is pretty much over - none too soon for me.

Not much money news here. I feel a shift coming on. I'm taking stock of what I have and am happy right now. There is nothing I really need and am enjoying spending my evenings at home with DH, something good for dinner and a good movie. The usual stress levels are abating and I feel like I can breath again. I hope it lasts for a while this time around.

Sunday and getting ready for the week

October 30th, 2005 at 08:53 pm

Today was a laid back sort of day. I finally sat down to do my homework at 2:00ish and was done by 4:00 or so. It wasnt that bad once I got started. I need to make a small presentation tomorrow and I think it will go okay. I've prepared my materials on this end, but I really dont like speaking in front of people.

Did one more load of laundry so I would have the clothes I wanted to wear tomorrow. The dishwasher is running now. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched "Sunset Boulevard" - an oldie, but goodie. Then we lounged around on the couch for a while. I felt like I was on vacation with time to burn. I havent felt this relaxed in ages. Today DH and I talked about Christmas vacation. I get time off from X-mas to New Year's. I'm going to take another week before the holidays so I can just do a whole lot of nothing. That is the plan, but in reality, I am sure we will be working on the house. Last year we did a Sopranos marathon and used up entire days in front of the TV. We dont watch a lot of TV and it was a nice change of pace. This year we should be finishing the entertainment room and we can finally move the extra chairs out of the living room.

My lunch is packed, water poured into bottles and tea brewed for tomorrow. I always make sure I pack extra on Mondays because I have an especially long day on Mondays.

I went to the Health food coop today determined to buy the olive oil that I love. Its got a great flavor and is excellent for dipping bread. When I got there, I found out it was on sale!! I bought the last two bottles on the shelf. I also got some turkey for the cats and some face anti wrinkle stuff for me. Then I went to KMart for Halloween candy. They had some stuff on sale. Overall, I spent over $80!! I think this is going to be a no spend week. The money has been going out the door way to fast lately.

Got it goin on

October 29th, 2005 at 05:21 pm

Things have been busy!! This morning I loaded the dishwasher and ran a load, did six loads of laundry and cooked like we were feeding 20 people. I had to use up the veggies from our CSA for the past two weeks, so I got creative. I made an apple cake, fried eggplant, squash (which we can eat now or I can freeze) and baked ziti with turkey meatballs. No more food will fit in the fridge at this point. I will have plenty to take in my lunch and DH will have plenty to eat during the week as well.

The laundry was copious because we have been buying new flannel sheets for the winter. We are also in this phase of replacing things that we've had since before we were married. I used to work at Marshall Field's and got some great deals on linens and misc house hold items. Now a lot of them are getting worn...many of them are eight years old!! Time to bring in the new. So, we've been scouring the sales at JCP and finding lots of good deals. Last night I got four pillows for $18. I'm replacing the orthapedic thing that I never got used to and going with these. I even replaced the guest pillows for when company comes. In this process, I'm washing lots of new sheets as well as the old ones before we donate them or make them into rags for the many house related projects we have going on around here.

I also found several pairs of jeans that fit well, so those went in the laundry today as well. And a pair of leather shoes for $37. Did not go in the laundry. DH bought some shirts - all were either 50% off or buy one, get one free. His wardrobe has been suffering since I dont shop recreationally anymore. He's beginning to look dated, though he's oblivious to that...He's also wearing out or ruining a lot of his everyday stuff with the work he does around the house with the remodel. We were/are both looking shabby.

So, while things on the house front are going well, I sat down and looked at the money that is making all of this happen. My overall debt has increased by about $2000 in the past two months. Most of that has been health related expenses. But the good news is that I will be able to pay that down in a short period of time, probably the next couple of months and then get back on track. My timeline for being debt free has been pushed back, but I've accepted that. I am feeling 1000 times better than I did in the beginning of August, so its been worth it. Once I am totally healthy again, I am going to continue with a healthy lifestyle rather than revert to my old ways. It will save a lot of money in the long run.

I've decided I'm not going to take any classes next semester. First, they arent offering anything I can take. I am six credits short of completing my coursework, but have already taken the classes they are offering. And second, coming home late in the evening after class and a full day of work is not only exhausting, its expensive. We have ordered food or eaten out more this semester than any other. And I know its because I'm too tired to cook when I get home. So that's going to change after the first part of December. I'm in a lull again about finishing this degree. My job is requiring me to do lots of left brain thinking and I can feel my verbal abilites slipping away. It may also be that my blood sugar is still high and that impairs one's thinking. Whatever it may be, I am glad to be taking some time off. Work is going to only get busier and I will gladly invest more time there if it means more money.

Already, I feel the stress lifting from my shoulders. I feel a giggle coming on.

I transferred my dreaded mbna balance to a zero percent interest until 6/06 with Discover. So now all my cards are below 5% except the Discover I am currently using. The health related items went on that card. And the new clothes I needed to buy due to health related weight loss went on that card too. I will have that paid by mid Jan of 06.
I've been diligent with budgeting all anticipated expenses and then projecting the remaining amount of each check to my debt. It helps to see what spending does to the amount available to pay down debt. Its not the ultimate motivator, but it has guided me in making better choices. It doesnt help much with impulse spending, especially when I'm not sitting in front of the spreadsheet. But if I do splurge, it does help to illustrate the consequences of those actions....doesnt seem to stop me from doing it again though. Need much stronger conditioning for that.

Off to do homework. Have procrastinated the better part of today away. I NEED to get something done. I have to make a small presentation on Monday night. I really dont groove on speaking in front of other people.

lazy sunday

October 23rd, 2005 at 12:21 pm

Its already 1:30 here and I am lounging around, with some intermittant (sp?) household chores. I loaded and ran the dishwasher - a never ending chore it seems. Then I cleaned out the fridge and tossed some experimental recipes that just did not work out. I feel bad throwing that much food out, but there is no way we will ever eat it, so I just need to bite the bullet and get rid of it...and the recipe too.

I found a recipe for cashew asperagu pilaf. Since I'd purchased asperagus last week when it was on sale, it seemed like a good time to make it. I love rice, so it should be gooood. I'm trying to eat lighter, more vegegarian lately. I'm in a phase where meat repulses me. Its a texture thing. I love the crunch of veggies and fruit. And I feel better in general when I eat lighter.

At noon, I finally got the sunday paper. There are some sales at KMart that look good. We have a KMart right by our house. Its very close to the healht food coop I go to. I'm going to check it out and see if they have good prices. The WalMart that I usually go to is twice as far away and I'm really tired of the traffic.

There is a wonderful breeze blowing in the doors this afternoon. There must be some lovely smells wafting about. One of our cats goes to the door, assesses the situation, then goes racing to the back of the house or up the cat tree. And then repeats the whole process. I like knowing she is so comfortable here. We've had her since March and we know she came from an abusive home. I'm glad she knows she is safe here and has the freedom to do what cats do.

DH is feeling ill with a tummy thing. Hope its not the flu. He's sleeping and probably will be for the better part of the day. We rented a video to watch tonight. My job is to get my homework done by then. I am so not in the frame of mind I need to be in to get anything left brain done. I just want to surf the web and watch the sun move across the sky.


October 22nd, 2005 at 01:05 pm

Its the weekend again. For five days, I yearn for the freedom of my weekends - and then they are filled with the same old, same old. At least we are having a beautiful day here and all the doors are open to let in the fresh air and sunlight.

I've spent a better part of the morning going over expenses and budgetting for the next pay period on the 31st. I am including as many expenses in the budget as I can so I know the things we need are covered. I also did this in an effort to anticipate what may be comnig my way in the next two weeks so I'm less tempted to splurge and blow the budget. I got down to details like postage stamps and hair cuts. My goal is to list as many things as possible so I will pay in cash. Then I will use my cc's to order things on-line, like supplements, etc. Basically the things I can't buy locally or if the price is sooo much better on-line, even with shipping.

This morning, I transferred my mbna to a 0% interest until June 06 account with Discover!!! So very pleased with that. No transfer fees either. It will save me about $40/month in interest. I redid my avalanche and its going to take me longer to pay down my other cards, but they are at 2.9% until paid in full. So, yes, I will be paying interest, but a very low amount at that. The timeframe still bothers me. Mybe the math in my spreadsheet is off.

I cleaned off my desk so now I can again find everything. So far its been a rather productive day. Homework still lingers....arg.

health issues

October 21st, 2005 at 09:50 pm

So glad this week has come to a close. It was uneventful overall, but I'm really ready for some downtime.

I'm doing this cleanse to clean out my liver and I feel icky. I can tell something is getting stirred up in my sytem because I'm tired and achy. I've been getting the usual amount of sleep, but I think my body really needs more. I was tired after lunch today, but felt a little revived by the time I got home.

DH and I made tacos for dinner - with plenty of leftovers for the week. There is a stack of dishes still waiting to be taken carre of, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.

I cleaned our second bathroom because I could not stand it any longer. I also put together a caddy for each bathroom with all the cleaning supplies one needs to make these rooms clean. This should save on running to the other end of the house and hopefully encourage DH to take his turn at cleaning. The second bathroom is no longer being used as the main bathroom and it was getting dirty beyond belief. I couldnt take it any more, so I cleaned it from top to bottom. The difference is amazing. I can live with it again.

I also moved the shampoo and soap stash to the main bathroom. It had all been in the laundry room due to space limitations, but that is changing as we remodel.

I think this organization process will go on forever. But we're just moving things around, not buying more...unless I see it on sale. Moving these items will allow me to monitor them a bit better as well.

I've lost track of spending lately, so will need to sit down and figure that out a bit. I know I get paid next Friday and I've still got money left from the previous pay period. That is a good sign.

The plan is for a quiet weekend. Lots of homework, lots of housework, little motivaton for work. But the semester is half over. We are definately on the downward swing. I have some major projects due yet, but am confident I can get them done on time. I'm not sure what I am going to do next semester. I may just take it off and relax, regain some sanity.

Strange day at work

October 18th, 2005 at 07:34 pm

Today was a very strange day. Its like all the people who are in a position to intiatie projects and create more work woke up today and realized that I exist. I spent the entire morning in meetings and half the afternoon talking to people who were telling me what they needed to have done. Its sort of odd to suddenly find myself in the spotlight, but I really like the work I do. So the bottom line is that I am thrilled to be asked and you can bet I have got the wheels turning on how I can approach my boss on this to get a raise. I'm going to wait a bit and actually accomplish some things before asking, but you can bet it is on the forefront of my mind.

Yesterday I went to the naturopath. My health is improving!!! At 37 I have been diagnosed with diabetes. There is no history in my family so I was quite shocked. I tried a conventional doctor (which I previously ranted about) but was so disgusted that my only option would be insulin for the rest of my life. So I decided to seek an alternative method and I am so glad that I did. Though my sugar is still high, the issue is being addressed. The reason I like this naturopath is because her attitude is one of mild intervention. She believes in supporting the body to strengthen it to the point where it can do what its supposed to. She's worked with several people who have diabetes and is able to get them off insulin. I'm going to give this method of treatment about a year, though I have a feeling it will clear up sooner. In the meantime, the supplements are pricy. When I went yesterday, my doses were decreased because I'm doing better. I am paying for as much as I can in cash and budgeting around the rest of it. I will probably need to be on these from time to time for maintenance, so that cost will be there. But I'm willing to pay for these items. In just two months, I already feel better. Though not 100% yet, I can tell I am on the right path.

On other fronts...I am concerned about the bird flu thing. I have a feeling we are going to see this illness on a massive scale. With health being on my mind, its something I wonder about a lot. My gut feeling is not a good one. If a significant portion of the population is wiped out, the infrastructure for the distribution of goods will be affected. This in turn will put the economy into a spin. I'm not worried about losing my job, but I'm sure that many, many people will be affected. I'm not really sure what will happen. I just feel uneasy.

Specifics re money have been blurry. I guess my focus has been on my health and school, which is going okay. I had to purchase my lunch at work today because I forgot to pack one. I ran out the door in a hurry this morning. It was greasy and not very good. I have already packed something for tomorrow. It will be a busy day so I'm sure to burn lots of calories.

quiet Saturday

October 15th, 2005 at 01:36 pm

I've gone over the budget and have found that I've spent far more this month than I intended. It could be because I've indulged myself and done some spending for clothes this past week. I have two items to return, which will be a good thing. I was trying to be so careful, but I guess I got lulled into that feeling of security again and figured it was okay to spend. And overboard I seemed to go.

We are doing things around the house today. Sort of puttering, but doing the little things that make the big things run more smoothly during the rest of the week. We are still moving things around and sorting out as we go. This time DH had a couple of things to take to the second hand bookstore and a charity that we donate to. Things that he admitted were impulse buys and now he doesnt really have a need for them. I'm so glad he's not a pack rat.

I've got bread in the machine and something I've never made before in the crock pot. Its a mushroom barley veggie combination that I hope is tasty, because it certainly is healthy. We've been eating the leftovers in the fridge until dinner is done tonight. I'm really trying to use what we already have. I'm tired of running around chasing sales. There are a couple of things at two grocery stores I've never been to in our area. But I think I'm going to do the isolationist thing this weekend and use only internal resources. Also, when you have a reasonable number of choices, its easier to decide what to make for dinner. Otherwise, I get overwhelmed and end up making nothing and going for the junky snackies that arent filling and arent good for you either.

Enough procratinating. I really do need to go study. I am so dreading it.....

still quiet on the money front.

October 13th, 2005 at 11:25 am

There were two small bills to pay out of this paycheck. I wrote them out on Tues and will put them in the mail tomorrow. All the other items that I've budgeted for this pay period are for services. I have a hair cut tomorrow, and a list of three or four other things that escape me at the moment. So I am sitting on a huge amount of money in my account. Interestingly, I'm not feeling tempted to spend it. Its already allocated. By Tuesday of next week I should be able to pay of a large chunk of my eternal mbna. I've stopped spending on it, so the balance is not increasing.

Work is starting to get under my skin again. All summer, and several months prior, we were waiting for documents to come through. Nothing could be done until they were delivered. Well, they finally were three weeks ago and now everyone wants their websites redesigned yesterday. I love the work, but I really hate feeling pressured to produce something that I need time to do. AND suddenly, out of nowhere, everyone is asking for the heavy duty stuff that is quite labor intensive. I'm glad to do the work, because I love this stuff. But I cannot deliver a four week project in two days. Being rushed always makes me angry. I wish I could develop a more laid back personality about it.

I am right now formulating a way to march into my bosses office and ask for an upgrade. I need to calm down a bit first.

On other fronts, the house is continuing to come along. We moved furniture into the second bedroom last night. Now DH can start moving things into his office which will free up the entertainment room for remodeling. We are systematically going through each room, painting, tiling and finishing off whatever else was undone when we bought it. It will be like new when we get done. Already, I love the rooms that are done and cant imagine how we lived in the unfinished ones. Living in it while working on it is more of a challenge than I realized it would be.

School is going well, sort of. I've talked to a couple of other techy people who are in the program, but who are also frustrated that its not techy enough. I've got one semester to go (if I push) and I will be done. I will have my paper in hand and (hopefully) a wider range of job options available to me. I'm so tired of working hard and not being paid a wage that will allow me to do the things I want to in life - even while I am generally being frugal.

I guess I am stressed today and tired of working on other people's terms. sigh....I have Monday off to see the naturopath. The drive will do me good. I daydream about skipping my class, though I'll see how I feel as the time draws near. If I'm in the mood, I might as well go b/c they count attendance - in a graduate class!!!

general sense of calm

October 11th, 2005 at 03:14 pm

We are making plans to travel for Thanksgiving. We are driving to CA to visit family. Normally we fly, but this year, I am taking the whole week off which will give us plenty of time for the two day drive. I am actually looking forward to it. The relatives out there live a very different lifestyle and it is CA...but I'm craving some civilization right about now. I'm also very glad we are driving. This season I'm very concerned about catching a cold or something worse from the stale, recirculated airplane air.

But there is something more...I have another semester, maybe two, before I complete my master's degree. It depends on just how hard I want to push the process along. I am looking at job options once I get past that hurdle. In some ways, I would like to stay in my current position. Its comfortable, but I've pretty much maxed out my advancement possiblilities. That means no more significant raises; just the annual 3% and even that is not guaranteed.
I'm daydreaming of a big job, something that pays well, as in doubling my current salary. The relatives live very close to a blue chip company that recruits from the academic program I am in. I'm not sure I would like to move to CA, but I certainly do like to daydream about a better life and the option of doubling my income. I'm going to look at things with a very critical eye when we are there for a visit and see what I can uncover...

I'm really looking forward to doing some shopping while we are there!!! I so need clothes. This morning I scraped together what I'm going to wear for the rest of the week. I have about three, maybe four, decent, work appropriat outfits that I can get buy with. Everything else is jeans and t-shirts - all just a bit too casual for me at this point. Things are going to get very busy at work and I'm going to be meeting with the Big People on a regular basis. I want to look a little more put together. Clothes make the woman; and I can tell the difference in my attitude when I am dressed professionally.

Plus, now that I am feeling better with my health improving and I'm still enjoying the light feeling after dropping 30 lbs since May, I'm in the process of re-defining myself a bit. Friday is a haircut, something shorter and fresher. And I want a carefree, easy wardrobe to go with it. Lots of knit items in natural fibers. I ordered shoes off zappos.com today. Need to move beyond the Keens. Lovely and comfy, but I'm going a bit more city.

Just rambling. What I think I am trying to say is that on nearly all fronts, things feel like they are finally, finally coming together and maybe even paying off. Its been such a long time in the making that I feel a sense of relief all the way down to my bones. And I am grateful.

Sunday spending

October 9th, 2005 at 05:13 pm

We went to the XPrize event. It was pretty good. I'm not a space buff, so I didnt get into it like some people. We saw a couple of rockets launch, do a short air show and then land. These are the prototypes for future personal space travel. Its supposed to become an annual event.

We packed a picnic, but didnt get to eat it until after the event. There was a shuttle we had to take, so we didnt take it with us. I am glad I packed something, because there wasnt anything served there and neither of us thought to bring cash.

It was very windy out all day. The temps are dropping now, so the night should be cool as well. Finally, a break from the heat.

After the show we came back to town and finished up our errands. Pria bars are on sale at Target for cheaper than Sam's, which is where I ususally get them. I keep a box in my desk to resist going to vendo land and buying junk food at work. So far, its been working like a charm. I also try to keep some at home to have on hand when I crave sugar. That's been working too. For the past several months, I've been avoiding chocolate both at home and at work.

Looked at clothes, but didnt find anything that looked good on me. Disappointing. I think either I need to loose more weight or start buying upper end clothes. Nothing I find looks good on me. I'm starting to get frustrated.

Saturday errands and good deals

October 8th, 2005 at 04:32 pm

DH and I ran some errands. We need bedside lamps for the new bedroom that we have been working on. He is hanging the mirror on the closet and taking care of minor touches. We should be able to move in next weekend. We could do it this weekend, but there is too much else going on and I'm not in the mood to spread myself thin right now.

So we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and found two lamps that have a rustic look - and I had two coupons. One for 20% and the other for $5. We each took a lamp and each made a purchase. This saved us $13. The lamps were only $40 each to begin with, which is very reasonable compared to most that we looked at. Most were starting at $60 just for a single base. By the time you add shades, its nearly $200.

We also stopped at Big Lots to pick up misc like hangers, sponges, cotton pads, mustard and a toilet brush. Real exciting. But DH went with and was impressed that we only spent $9 on all the stuff we bought. After we bought the lamps, I told him again how happy I am that he will use coupons to save money. He sort of chuckled and thought it was odd that I'm so enthused about this. I told him that a lot of people are too embarrassed to use coupons. His response - I guess I've never met a lot of those people. One less battle for me to fight!! Smile

Earlier, I went grocery shopping at WalMart, Albertsons and the local coop healthfood store. I spent a lot of money, over $100 total, including coupons. But I did the stock up thing. We've been keeping lists on the fridge of things we use regularly and have run out of. The only things that go on these lists are the things we use hardcore. So, between the sales and coupons coming due, I figured it was time to finally get some shopping done. I feel good knowing that I didnt buy anything extra or frivolous. That helps to defray the large bill. And we now have several staples on hand, so I wont need to do a big shopping trip for quite a while. With gas at the price it is and time also being at a premium, that's a good thing by me.

I found the tea I like at WalMart for half the price that Albertsons charges. Its a new item and Alb seems to carry them before WalMart, so I was paying more. But now Walmart has caught up and I will buy it there from this point forward. And I also found out that the rice milk I drink regularly is on sale for the month of October AND I can order it by the case and recieve a 10% discount. Payday is Friday and I'm going to order two cases!! Our cupboards are beginning to bulge, but its a good feeling to have a surplus on hand.

Tomorrow we are attending the XPrize cup events. DH bought the tickets on-line for $6 each. I will pack a lunch and drinks to make sure we arent held captive to high prices. After that, we are heading to the mall. I have a couple more coupons BOGOF sort of things. I want to use them before they expire. I love getting stuff for free - or even discounted. It makes me feel like I am getting more for my dollar, but it seems like its closer to the price it should be in the first place. DH had purchased some very nice bath salts for me as a gift. One of them smelled like lavendar and I swear I slept better the night I used them. I'm going to pick some of those up and then I can get a lotion free. If the scents are too much, I can always give it as a gift.

I've been very, very good about resisting the temptation to buy clothes. I think I'm still losing weight. The jeans I bought just a couple of weeks ago are now sagging off my bum. The scale says I'm staying the same, but none of my pants fit me. I think I'm toning up rather than dropping pounds. I'm still eating like a horse. I really do need clothes for work. I'm starting to dress like a college student and that's not the look I'm going for. I need something a little more dressy than jeans. I'm not sure what to do. I dont want to spend money on clothes that will need to be replaced in a couple of months, but dont really want to look like a slouch much longer either.

Another factor is that we dont really have any nice places to shop in town. So I have to travel to the next town over and I dont know the area well enough to feel confident that I am getting good deals. Plus, its a large city and parking, even at the large malls, is a problem. The stock is usually picked over when there is a good deal, so you do a lot of digging for very little return. I havent had prodcutive excursions in the past, so I'm not especially eager to go again. But I'm also not happy with the local JPC either. I really dont know what to do to remedy this. But its beginning to become a problem - one that will not easily go away.

Today, my health is wonderful. I got plenty of sleep last night, but I also think I'm just getting healthier in general. I have an appt on the 17th to check my progress and I'm really excited. I have more energy than I did two months ago though in other ways, I still feel awful. It will take time, I am sure. But so far, the results are encouraging.

Overall, things are feeling productive here. I'm slowling getting things done and am just as slowly, but surely, and finally, seeing some results from all the work. I hope it all continues in this direction.

Today was another no spend day

October 2nd, 2005 at 03:10 pm

I was really tempted to get some jeans at JPC. They are having a sale and I have a 20% off coupon that came in the mail last week. But I really dont feel like spending any money. There were also some good deals on pants and t's at Target, but again, I'm feeling too lazy to get out of my comfy sweats and drive across town just to spend money. This is one time that I am NOT talking myself out of being lazy.

I'm in front of the computer with my homework piled up, ready to type up my papers, but I am procrastinting. Grrrr...will be glad when this semester is over.

Garbage has been on my mind lately. Actually for some time now. DH and I are spending a good deal more time at home, especially when it comes to eating. I've been cooking like mad on the weekends, so we have plenty of food during the week; and I have things to carry in my lunch. What amazes me is the amount of garbage we seem to be generating. This has been going on for several months now. I keep forgetting to write about it.

We dont buy many convenience items and try to recycle as much as possible. We buy basics whnever possible, which I believe has less packaging. In addition to taking plastic bottles, newspapers, etc to the recycling center, I try to use as much as we can internally, i.e. any sort of plastic bag that is not fit for food is used when I clean out the cat boxes; almost all paper that is blank on the back gets used for scratch paper for grocery lists and menu planning, etc. The idea is to get as much use out of something as possible before retiring it to the garbage can.

But we still have to take the garbage out several times during the week. It seems to fill up very quickly which means we are generating quite a lot of it. It disturbs me that two people are making so much garbage. And it seems to coincide with our efforts to be more frugal. Was it that I never noticed before or are we doing something differntly than before? Either way, it bothers me and I would really like to find a way to reduce the volume. As a disincentive, we have to pay the city for trash pick up every week, wheter we use it or not. I really wish there was some way for them to give a break to the people who use the service less. Probably just utopic thinking...

No spend day

October 1st, 2005 at 07:20 pm

This was a rather good Saturday. No spending. Got some things done around the house. I would like to go shopping as a reward. Will see what the Sunday paper says.

not much going on

September 30th, 2005 at 03:02 pm

But I am looking forward to the weekend!! I'm not sure why b/c I still have a long list of things to do at home. Maybe its b/c I can do them at my own rate of speed and not worry if someone is looking over my shoulder.

DH and I will be working around the house this weekend. I'm in the mood to clean and he hasnt accomplished much this week, so we hope to get a lot done this weekend. The more I think about it, the more I really want to get some yard work done. I'm not sure how long I will hold up, but now that the temps are cooling down, I want to get outside and get some exercise!!

As usual, I have a stack of homework that I need to dive into. I will get started tonight and see if I cant get it finished by tomorrow morning. I'm feeling a bit more optimisstic that a master's degree will pay off in the long run. I wasnt so sure while I was bogged down in the middle of it. Time will tell. I'm still not completely convinced.

As my health slowly improves, my ability to concentrate and organize is also improving. This has been a wonderful thing to regain. I truly thought I was losing my ability to reason and be linear. I couldnt read lists or think sequentially - and at times, it still slips away, but overall, I am seeing an improvement. Could this mean miraculous things for my ability to manage money?? Lets hope so Wink

I went on-line at noon and found some very good deals. I've been rinsing my sinuses with Sinucleanse. Its $7.95 for a box of 40 at Walgreens. I found a site that sold it in quantities of 100 for $9.95. Even with shipping, it was still nearly half the cost of Walgreens. So I bought 200. That will last me for a while. I'm so enjoying my sense of smell again.

I also found a fantastic shampoo by Auromere. Its Auyurvedic (sp?) and they have formulas for dry or oily, coinciding with the auyurvedic body types and traits. I like it b/c I can also use it as a body and face wash. The oily formula is a little bit drying, so I'm going to try the one for normal to dry skin. I'm so ready to reduce the number of products I use every morning. And the price was good as well. $5.95 for 16 oz. I also oreded some cleansing mud clay powder. Its supposed to clean and exfoliate without soap while drawing impurities out through the skin. As a product junky with sensitive skin, I am always on the look out for non-irritating, inexpensive fru-fru stuff. The oily formula smells sort of yummy, like licorice and sandalwood. The dry formula is stinky, like medicine or some funky herb that escapes me.

I spent about $50 total, but that's not too extravagent (sp?) considering they are items I need and I cant find locally for such good prices. Sometimes, shopping on-line can be less tempting for me to stray. I've become very goal oriented with it lately. Its all about finding the lowest price. I dont mind the wait for the package to arrive. I like having these things delivered to my door.

Online its also easier to do research on the product and see if other people have rated it or made comments about their experience. I find that I'm doing it more and more and overall, my spending is down. I pay in cash for local items. Sometimes when I order on line, I get everything in my basket and then print out the form and mail it in with a check. That really cuts down on the impuse buying b/c between the time I covet the item and the time I have the money to write out the check, things usually cool considerably. Overall, I feel I'm making progress around spending. I'm still viewing the Master Spreadsheet and yearning for that day of debt freedom. At this point, more so than ever before, I am confident it will happen. The numbers show that it's possible and the lifestyle changes that support those numbers are every improving as well.

Overall, things are going well and the forecast is that they will continue to do so.

It was easier to come to work this morning

September 29th, 2005 at 12:21 pm

The crush hasnt started yet. Nor do I plan for it to for a couple of weeks. I still have plenty to do with current responsibilities, but am letting the wheels start to spin so all gears will mesh when it does happen.

I went over the master spreadsheet last night. It's like a bolt of lightening, but I've started including some of the regularly purchased items in my budget. It helps my need to spend. I know what it coming and since its planned can stick to the budget and feel less likely to stray.

This weekend I have quite a lot of homework, though not as much as previous weekends. I will be taking some work home, but would like to get out and do some other things. I'd really like to work on our yard. The "grass" is getting to b a foot or so deep in many places. Last weekend we had someone come pounding on our door to see if we would hire his son to take care of it. He looked at me like I was nuts when I said it didnt need it. It does need it, but I was ill and didnt feel like dealing with someone else's child when he spoke no English and my Spanish made me sound like a crazy gringa. Maybe I'll start tonight in the evening when its cool. Do a little bit at a time. I know our neighbors must wonder what the H we are doing. Unfortunately, they cant see all the work we are doing on the inside of the house.

I think I got a promotion today

September 28th, 2005 at 06:43 pm

Around 4:00 today my boss ambled into my office and with a big smile, told me there had been a re-org and I will be taking on substantially more responsiblities than I currently have!!! Its been something that's been in the works for several months now and I sort of knew about it. But I wasnt counting on anything. People were already starting to ask me questions about the details of these new responsibilities, but I kept telling them that nothing was official yet.

But today it did become official. It took about half an hour for it to really sink in. Then I went into my boss' office and thanked him. I know he supported me and said some very good things about me for this to happen.

I'm speechless. This has been in the system for several months and initially it looked like it wasnt going to happen. But I like the work I do so much that I could continue on in this position for as long as we needed.

I have a feeling there will be a raise somewhere with this. I've heard mention of this as well. I'm not sure how to approach this yet, but will work on that.

So, the wise part of me knows that I could/should put all new money into savings, but the consumer voice won out. One thing I would really like to do is get a professional wardrobe again. I've been looking, but havent purchased. Since I lost weight, I've purchased casual things that I can get away with for work. Then I dress up when I have meetings. But I think spontaneous meetings will become more and more the norm, so I prefer to be prepared.

What I really want to do is re-invent my image. I've lost weight and recently cut my hair shorter than its been in a while. I have a tendancy to go too classic when I purchase clothes, almost to the point of frumpy. I would like to get a little more hip, but definately not trendy. I also need to find summer clothes that are relatively dressy. T-shirts and jeans just dont do it.

I think I might do the European thing and buy a few very nice pieces that cost more than have a whole lot of stuff that looks mediocre. We'll see what happens. I'm already spending money I dont haveWink

numbers are on-line!!

September 27th, 2005 at 07:50 pm

The electronic version of my paycheck is online. I went through the bills and paid everything. We are still waiting on the gas and phone, but I've allocated an estimate, a high one, so they will be covered. It feels so good to get these taken care of. I really get antsy when the stack starts to grow but payday is a week away.

Lots of little things came up, like a co-pay for a dr. visit where they didnt charge me enough and a couple of other things that have already slipped my mind.

I didnt cut myself short this month like I did last time I was paid. I didnt leave too much wiggle room, but do have enough cash left over that should I need to purchase more supplements, it can be done. I wont need to lean on the plastic to make it happen.

I have to say it again. My overall debt is going down. I still have a long, long way to go, but its coming down. And to make it even better - I'm still able to purchase the things I need...and want from time to time...without feeling the pinch. I'm not living like a white knuckled miser and I'm still able to pay off my debts. This is a first. As the feeling of success increases, it gets easier to pass on frivolous spending. This morning, I was hungry when I got to work. I considered getting a bagel or something to tide me over. But I passed and just had a Pria bar that I have stocked my desk with. It was better for me and I incurred no new debt. A very good feeling indeed.

I was going to run some errands at lunch tomorrow, but have decided to put them off until they will fit into the budget. That may be a month from now, but I really feel better knowing that I can pay cash rather than go deeper into debt. Smile such a good feeling Smile Smile Smile


September 27th, 2005 at 01:09 pm

This week is moving along rather slowly. I am waiting for my electonic paystub to become available, so I can start making out the bills. Last night I sat down and organized everything, i.e. return labels, stamps on envelopes, grouped the on-line payments. I also sat down with the master spreadsheet and went over the numbers. I am very impressed that the sum total is lower than I thought despite of the fact that I've been buying so much health related stuff during September. This is very pleasing. It also means that maintainence wont be as bad as I had thought financially.

DH treated me to lunch. We had a two for one coupon. I thought it was very sweet of him to call me out the blue. AND he won points for bringing the coupon, too!!

My sinus infection is going away and I've noticed a dramatic difference in my personality. I actually want to talk to people and interact. I finally have the energy to be social. What a difference. I do feel a bit tired as the day goes on, but I can tell that health is slowly returning.

I have class tonight, but it should be a quiet evening after that. I have some homework, but I might just opt to catch up on sleep instead.

First day back is a killer

September 26th, 2005 at 02:58 pm

This morning, after I got out of the shower, I had to think for a minute or two. I was at a complete loss as to how to apply my cosmetics. And the day has jut gotten better from there.

I seem to be in this warp, like Ground Hog Day, with several projects at work. I cannot seem to get them off my desk. The other people who are involved aren't moving very fast with their end, so things are just dragging on and on. Today patience is not my forte.

Spending for today has been $2.66. I got a yogurt parfait. Never again. Twenty minutes into it, I got a major stomach ache. Friday is payday!!! and I think I've spent less than $15 on my employee account. I havent tracked it, so I am eager to see how much is deducted from my check.

Otherwise, I'm sort of wiped out from being sick. I'm probably half present and that half of me feels like there is water in my head. None of the things I have to do are difficult, they just require a lot of leg work to get from A to B to compensate for my stolen computer.

Friday is payday. I have to repeat it to remind myself why I keep doing this. I hope the week goes quickly. I really need another weekend.

Su nday - grouting and homework for the Supplement Queen

September 25th, 2005 at 02:13 pm

Slowly, ever so slowly, I am beginning to feel better. I've been rinsing my sinuses to get rid of this infection and today, I really do feel considerably better. Getting many, many extra hours of sleep also helps the healing process. This morning we got up at 10. I could have laid in bed all day, but we had to get the rest of the grouting done. Which we just finished up, by the way!! DH has the time line all planned out and in two weeks we should be moving the furniture back in the guest room!! That will be such a good day b/c it means that half the stuff we are randomly storing in the living room can migrate to the rooms it belongs in.

I still have all my homework to do. I put it off b/c I could not concentrate, forget the possibility of forming higher thoughts and relaying those into coherent sentences on paper no less! Dont know if I'll be able to do much better now, but at least it seems like a possibility at this pointl.

While purging the freezer on Friday, I found all the ingredients needed to make stuffed peppers. So they went into the crock pot this morning. They took about 6 hours on low, so they probably arent something I would make during the day while I was at work. But they are a good weekend food and the crock pot doesnt heat up the house. DH likes them, so that is what he will have tonight for dinner while I get the leftover soup I made yesterday. It turned out very well, and I think it is going to be a staple for the winter.

Nothing looked good in the Sunday paper. that means less running around for me today and during the week. I do have to go online and order some supplements. That is going to be painful - as in a couple of hundred dollars. Over the past several years I've really been bad to my body - not getting enough sleep, eating the wrong types of food, drinking far too much caffeine and not enough water. I was also working for a very evil boss who I swear was an energy vampire. Nothing was ever really good enough yet the rules were never fully explained, so you never really knew what you were doing. Three years of that will fry a person's nervous system.

Now I am really paying. All of my glands are out of whack and my system is very, very out of balance. But, rather than reverting to traditional medicine which just covers the symptoms, I've become the Supplement Queen. Its an unconventional way to address the situation, but I do feel my body returning to its natural state; like a set point that it is most comfortable occupying. Among other things, I've suddenly developed a strong dislike for meat. I used to be an ardent vegetarian, but got lazy. My body just doesnt digest and assimilate meat, but I wasnt listening. Over several years of not listening, my body just couldnt deal with the abuse anymore. Now, I'm going to continue the supplements and revert back to a simpler diet and lifestyle. I'm going to swallow a lot of capsules along the way, but I am so tired of being sick all the time that it will be worth it in the end.

The financial side of it will be painful. I've had to weigh that one carefully. In the end, my health won out. I am hoping that once I feel considerably better, somewhere in the range of "normal" I wont have to take as much stuff and will save money that way. Prevention is so much cheaper. I am going to remember that...

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